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Shopping Eco-friendly: What’s Old is New

If you like to shop Eco-friendly, you may be overlooking one of the oldest sustainable shopping practices around! Eco-consumerism is on the rise! According to a 2019 fashion resale report

Reset Your Life in 3 Simple Steps

Simplicity often leads to clarity. It’s about finding solitude, going for ease, and making life feel just a bit easier. Megan Dalla-Camina is an expert when it comes to helping

Change Maker Spotlight: Jessica Morey, iBme

Did you know that: • 44% of American college students report having symptoms of depression • According to a study surveying high school and college students from 1938 to 2007

Get Back to Balance

We believe in shopping smart. Check out some great new products you purchase without the guilt!

Change Maker Spotlight: Konrad Rzasa and Jennifer Dunphy of Vista Celestial

Husband and wife duo, Konrad Rzasa and Jennifer Dunphy, left their corporate lives over 10 years ago to embark on a lifechanging adventure. They always knew that when the right

Change Maker Spotlight: Victor Stringer

Victor Stringer is a certified yoga instructor in Kundalini Yoga, member of Kundalini 3Ho Foundation International, National Council on Strength Fitness (NCSF), as well as a member of the Southern

Yoga Breathing – Where Did It Go Wrong?

If you’ve practiced yoga at all — or even if you haven’t…It’s likely you’ve heard that taking long, deep breaths is good for your health. When you’re stressed, what’s the

Change Maker Spotlight: Brent Feinberg

Brent is a best-selling author who at the young age of 28 is committed to making sustainable impact in the world, especially for children. Through his exceptional writing skills, his

Change Maker Spotlight: Lindsay Junk, President of YogaSix

Lindsay Junk is an accomplished triathlete/marathon runner, who’s also a working mother of 3, and extremely passionate about fitness and knowing the importance work life balance. As the President of

Summer Wellness List

We believe in shopping smart. Check out some great new products you purchase without the guilt!