As yogis, we know how powerful self-awareness is to our yoga journey and
our life off the mat. As a mid-40s professional, I felt pretty self-aware and secure
in what I want out of this life. Then I met Priscila. Would you believe the journey
to self-awareness continues to peel away new layers into deeper awareness?
Knowing who you authentically are starts from that first pain point when your
soul connects with someone or something that offends it. In our conscious state,
we know something’s not right, but we can’t really explain it. If we stay true to
ourself, we take action to stand up for what we believe and who we are. After
which, we may feel lost, confused or even second-guess our actions, until we dig a
little deeper into self-awareness.

Would you believe there’s information available, based on astrological data
and study, that can integrate seven layers of consciousness and bring you to
whole self-awareness? Would you believe that someone has curated over 20+
years of experience with astrology, psychology, yoga, kabbalah, meditation, reiki,
feng shui, family constellation, quantic activation, western and eastern
philosophy, and passion to bring you an app providing this information and new

As a busy professional, home manager, and self-awareness seeker, I
downloaded Soulloop to experience more for myself. Even though my self-
awareness is at its greatest, I feel in my soul there’s more to learn. I don’t believe
we ever arrive. We continue to learn more from where we’re currently living and
from our current perspectives but journey toward more. This journey of
awareness becomes our living legacy, especially if we use the new awareness and

tools to first heal ourselves and then help others heal. I believe this is the vision
behind creating a helpful, convenient app that has such power to heal.

After a few weeks of using Soulloop, I had the opportunity to sit and chat
with Priscila Lima de Charbonnieres to learn more about her and her personal
journey, the creation and passion behind the Soulloop app, and how the timing of
your birth matters to your life today. As the founder of the first app, on the
market, offering a fun, personalized 360* holistic & astrology experience based on
a person’s birth chart and powered by NASA data, Priscila stays on-the-go,
traveling between London, New York, and completing media tours to share
Soulloop with more people.

Our time was precious and limited; however, we will be showcasing the full
conversation on an upcoming Yoga Digest podcast. For now, some highlights are
the fact Priscila offers private sessions to first review your birth chart with you,
and offer some helpful next steps. I didn’t hesitate to send her the date, time, and
location of my birth, still curious what this information means to my presence and
preferences. Once we starting discussing what was cosmically happening at the
moment of my birth into this world, my mind was blown. I used this information
to navigate various tools within the Soulloop app, including meditations, journal
prompts, and intentional music for a peaceful moment throughout a hectic day.
All of this, and more, available from my smartphone.

With the app, you can journey through your day with a trusted guide to
help you use your strengths and awareness to get more out of life. I personally

enjoy the daily inspiration, personalized just for me, using my astrological data.
It’s like having a blueprint of how to do life better from the soul level.

More about Soulloop can be found in your app store or at