Gift Guide: Home for the Holidays

Gift Guide: Home for the Holidays

This year the holidays may look a little different.  We have always believed that self care is a big part of a balanced life.  That is why we chose these items for our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide.  Feel your best from the inside out! Nourish your soul and fill your cup in order to serve others.  If you’re looking for great gifts for the health and wellness enthusiasts in your life, look no more!  Happy Holidays!

Vital Life-force Energy Supplement

As living, spiritual beings, we are much more than a chemical-mechanical machine. We rely on Vital Lifeforce Energy (a.k.a. Prana, Chi) to live and thrive. However, life in modern society depletes and unbalances our vital energies. Vadiance™ is the first of its kind supplement– a Lifeforce energy concentrate designed to replenish and rebalance our vital energies.  The vital energies in Vadiance can help you clear negative energies & emotions, lower stress, create greater emotional harmony & balance, increase spiritual connectedness, deepen meditations, and promote restful sleep. Vadiance helps you become Extraordinary!   Learn more and purchase at .

Healing Trauma with Yoga


Start the New Year off right by putting your past where it belongs with Healing Trauma with Yoga. This unique and user-friendly guide to understanding and healing the origins and effects of trauma is a comprehensive source of essential information and helpful advice and provides valuable, innovative tools to assist in addressing and working through anxiety, depression, and PTSD, as well as other trauma-related health challenges. Author Beth Shaw, creator of YogaFit, offers essential information and easy implementation of scientifically-proven techniques for self-care and new habits for daily living, exploring a variety of modalities, including yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, and Ayurveda.


Vegan Micronutrients for Yogis

Rooted in science and formulated with Ayurvedic wisdom, OmNourish includes plant- and sea- based supplements blended to hydrate, nourish and recover your yoga journey. The 3 launch formulas include nutrients clinically-studied for physical health benefits. HYDRATION INFUSION: Clean liquid electrolytes with 72 trace ionic minerals that help accelerate hydration, oxygenation, and fluidity, turning water into a clean ‘sports drink’.   CURCUMIN DEFENSE: Patented form of absorbable Turmeric that increases absorption and supports a healthy inflammation response. FREEZE THERAPY – TOPICAL CBD+: Purity-tested CBD with aloe, menthol, and camphor.  Products are nutrient-rich and vegan. Get 10% OFF with code YOGADIGEST10 at .



High Waist Yoga Pants

Female-owned and operated business featuring comfort, fashion and function!  These high waist activewear pants are perfect for yoga, running and any workout. They sculpt, lift and smooth with no side seams and flat-locked seams for extra comfort.  Each pair is designed uniquely to fit and flatter every size and is wear-tested by our in-house team. Special features include a waist-band that lies flat and won’t dig in, plus and convenient hidden waist-band pocket perfect for a card or key! These leggings make the perfect gift for the health and fitness enthusiast!

Studio Shed

Home Yoga Space

Escape from your daily stresses in your own personal sanctuary just steps from your back door. This holiday season, many homeowners are looking for ways to add space to their homes without the disruptions and costs of  a  traditional remodel or addition. Studio Shed, a company based in Colorado, offers 10×12 sheds that customers are using as home yoga studios – creating an ideal private, detached space without distractions. The quick-build, fast-install sheds add long-term value to homes and are easily designed online and delivered as flat-packaged kits featuring custom interior packages, turnkey electrical kits, and insulation to create a comfortable four-season space.  

Yoga Bones

A Comprehensive Guide to Managing Pain and Orthopedic Injuries through Yoga

If you suffer from an orthopedic condition, you understand the impact on your daily life. From neck pain to knee replacement and everything in between, Laura Staton uses yoga as a roadmap to restore function and life balance. This invaluable guide helps you explore your mind-body connection to manage your discomfort and find long-term healing, increase strength, and decrease pain. Yoga Bones  is accessible to all ages and abilities, with yoga that is easily adaptable to different levels of fitness and function. With a holistic and gentle approach, Staton provides a bridge between mainstream medical practices and mindful healing.