Yoga Digest Hot List

Yoga Digest Hot List

You know what’s hot? You won’t find bikinis on this list.   Efficiency, preparation and consistency –
that’s hot!   This diverse list will keep you organized, ready and in routine wherever the summer is taking you!   It’s short and sweet because we know you are on the go!   Take a look at some of the newest necessities to help you keep your cool this summer.   Innovative and conscious, for yogis on the go and who want to be in the know!   We love this list and hope you do too! (Especially #5!)

STM Goods

Grace Pack

STM Goods’ new Grace  Collection  offers women simple, elegant and beautiful design -perfect for yogis on-the-go. The  ‘s anatomy is driven by quality, organization, and optimum protection for your electronics, tech accessories and any other precious cargo that you carry. The Grace pack is stylish, secure, and comfortable. With a multitude of pockets, an innovative cable routing system that allows you to neatly connect devices within your pack and power your electronics on the go, and high quality exterior materials and zippers, the Grace pack is designed to last and complement the on-the-go yogi lifestyle.  ($99).


Connection Through Clothing

HugWear is designed with connection in mind, inviting heart-to-heart hugs and reminding wearers of their inner light. Super-soft fabric and comfy fits feel like a constant embrace, while the glow-in-the-dark “hugging arms” encourage hugs everywhere – day and night! On the front glows a bright and unique heart design, a reminder to always let the heart illuminate the way.  They are the perfect reminder that the power of hugs and human connection can change the world – one Hug (and HugWear) at a time!  Find HugWear at    and on Instagram @myhugwear.



Intensify Your Training

The Yogaboard is a cutting edge product that intensifies your training.  Depending on the surface and thickness of the surface (yoga mat), the balance effect is stronger or weaker and is ideal for all yoga enthusiasts.  The body-sized board is the result of an innovative cavity design.  In the production of the patent-registered Yogaboard, we rely on long-lasting and environmentally-friendly raw materials “made in Germany” to guarantee real quality. The Yogaboard was developed with a cavity construction and inner transverse frames to provide a lightweight, yet stable product (68 inches long and 25 lbs).  Yoga studios and fitness centers teach Yogaboard classes as a unique and challenging offering.  Practice anywhere; at home, at the beach, at the park, at work or by the pool! Bored with the floor?  Get Board on the floor!

IBS Formula

Dietary Supplement

Hotter temps may trigger problems for people with gastrointestinal conditions. Keep your cool and knock your IBS Symptoms right out of the ball park with  all natural  IBS Formula.  This dietary supplement is designed to  provide natural relief  from the symptoms of  irritable bowel syndrome, IBS including  diarrhea, gas, bloating, abdominal pain and constipation.   Learn more  . Clinical trials and studies  on the natural ingredients in this breakthrough IBS treatment have  proven to provide  relief for IBS. By combining known digestive aids with naturally-occurring superfoods, IBS Formula is able to provide  real relief from IBS symptoms.  The  vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, and GMO-free  capsules cost less than $1 a day.

Yoga Digest App

Updated and Easy to Use!

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