4 Fitness Trends We are Loving Right Now!

4 Fitness Trends We are Loving Right Now!

We love yoga: going to yoga, being in yoga, planning a yoga outing and everything in between!   These 4 products are the latest and greatest in our quest to to keep you on the cutting edge of conscious consumerism!   Life should be enjoyed with style, comfort and functionality!   We believe you will love these top trends as much as we do!


Grip Socks

Tucketts manufactures the only high-performance grip socks for barefoot workouts that completely retain the barefoot sensations of connection, freedom, and balance, with the added comfort and stability of a grip sock.  The toeless design of the high-performance, non-slip grip socks allows you to easily make small modifications for a more effective workout. If you’re ready for a comfortable, reliable, and innovative solution that mimics a barefoot sensation, then check out Tucketts!Tucketts offers five styles of socks as well as a multitude of colors for women and men. Yoga lovers recommend Allegro Anklet and the Knee High Style.

Sacred Yoga Mat

Eco-Friendly & Non-Slip

Sacred Yoga eco-friendly yoga mats are made with advanced grip technology so you will never slip again. Their central alignment system makes it much easier to better your form, to focus, and to stabilize, and you will experience deeper meditations with its high vibration Sacred Eye design. They’re also extra long, and extra wide with 5mm cushion for way more space in crowded studios, making your practice that much more comfortable. Made with smooth, sleek non-toxic natural rubber, Sacred mats do not crumble and are super easy to clean. Available in Steel Blue, Purple Plum, and Black Charcoal. $99

Lissom Flyte

Athleisure Footwear

Entrepreneur, Jennifer Markham launched the new athleisure footwear line, LISSOM a brand focusing on ultra-lightweight and chic mindful movement. The line’s most popular seller, Lissom Flyte, put a modern twist on sneaker and ballet flats by giving women the chance to move beyond comfort fashionably. These innovative shoes are made up of several stretchy layers including materials that are typically found in athletic apparel. The patented outsoles offer amazing bounce and help you rediscover your connection with the ground . The Flyte collection is comprised of a single slip-on style in  9 colors including black, navy, silver, rose gold, grey python, colored python, grey with neon coral, orchid purple, and mint.

Rip Skirt Hawaii

RipWrap Travel Towel

We are excited to announce the arrival of our multi-tasking travel towels, RipWrap. Our lightweight, ultra smooth, quick-dry travel towel resists sand, doubles as a sarong, an in-flight blanket and comes with your choice of Yoga Poses or Stretch & Strength Poses on the backside. RipWrap was inspired by my 85 year old active and agile, mother-in-law who spends 15 minutes doing stretch and strength moves on a towel next to her bed every morning. It is the ideal holiday gift for the active traveler! A no excuses workout you can take to the beach or plop on your hotel room floor.