What is the true meaning of Reiki?

What is the true meaning of Reiki?

I knew Reiki before “I knew Reiki ”

We are all capable of providing Reiki healing. This is not something that is commonly addressed because
if just anyone can give Reiki, then why are the people who are Reiki Certified even essential??

Let me preface this by stating that education in any subject of interest is always optimal. Not only does
it give us more knowledge on the topic, it is also a tool to grow our incite and confidence.

Gaining a deeper understanding of the Reiki practice is also empowering because it allows us to see that
as long our crown Chakra is open (the Energy Center that rises up through our spine, and is located at
the crown of the head) we can provide infinite light and love to everyone we encounter.

There are multiple ways of looking at this: Opening our spiritual heart and/or opening our mind – by way
of healing hand gestures, meditation, prayer, or expanding our belief system. That said – how
exceptionally beautiful it is to imagine a boundless light from the true source of energy pouring in from
the top of our head, so that we may give spiritual & physical well-being. This glorious light innately
enacts stuck energy to flow, thus preventing or stopping dis-ease.

When we are in harmony with the Flow of energy from the Universe, this – in effect, is Reiki.
Reiki Translated from the Japanese language to English is (Rei) which means “Universal Life ” and (Ki)
which means energy. Reiki is essentially energy from the universe. The universe is infinite, there by the
energy is too.

To provide Reiki energy is to give an abundance of collective energy, that which allows immeasurable
possibility for the body, mind, and spirit to heal and grow.

Reiki is all encompassing. There is no religious restriction. Whatever you believe the higher source to
be, that is where the energy comes from — even if you believe the source comes from Mother nature, or
a happier version of yourself. Energy cannot be destroyed, meaning that all the energy there ever
was …still is.

Allow me to finish by amplifying this message: all a Reiki healer needs to do is allow the energy that
exists everywhere to move through themselves and into another with great focus and pure intention;
while entrusting this divine energy to go where it is needed, and be transformed into what should be.
This ultimately optimizes an individual’s healthiness, harmony, and well-being.