Keep Your 2018 Resolutions with These 8 Things

Keep Your 2018 Resolutions with These 8 Things

Resolve to do everything better!   Top resolutions for 2018 include getting fit and healthy, enjoying life, getting organized and simplifying to make more time for things that matter and helping others.   As always our lists provide the best items that are always eco-friendly, conscious and full of lots of intention!   We are so happy to share this list of New Year’s Essentials to make 2018 better than ever! Whether you are looking to lose weight and feel great, be the change in the world, clear clutter, go organic, stop using harsh chemicals on your body or simply enjoy life more, these items are here to keep you on track.   We pride ourselves in featuring only items that want what we want and that is a better world for everyone! Happy 2018!   May this be your best year ever!


Seva Legging

KiraGrace has partnered with the Yoga Medicine Seva Foundation to launch their Seva Legging in the fight to end human trafficking and sexual exploitation in India. KiraGrace  will be donating 100% of net profits to the Seva Foundation. This initiative will help  open a shelter outside New Delhi, India for 100+ women and children human trafficking survivors. In addition to providing shelter, the funds will go towards healthcare, education, and basic needs for the survivors. The leggings feature 4-way stretch, moisture wicking properties, and a premium lightweight fabric. The Seva Legging will retail for $98 on .



eQua Yoga Mat

The eQua Mat is ideal for any hot yoga practice because of its soft and absorbent materials. Its unique hybrid construction offers a soft microfiber eQua Towel top layer and a supportive, natural rubber eKO Mat foundation. Pair its highly durable materials with its limited-edition artist design, the eQua Mat not only performs but mesmerizes as well.

close to om

Stretching Yoga From Your Mat to Your Life

Avoiding eye contact with your New Year’s Resolutions?  What if there were a pep-talk you could take with you anywhere, anytime to get back  on your Live Your Best Life resolution track.  Close to  Om: Stretching Yoga From Your Mat to Your Life  by Andrea Marcum is just that.And here’s a little Yoga Digest inside skinny too– Do the    free trial, choose Close to  Om  and get the audiobook for free… so you can pick up the beautiful hard  copy version of the book too :). Also join the cOMmunity at    for more free  instruction, meditations and special offers.

Clutter Intervention

How Your Stuff is Keeping You Stuck

“What’s your clutter actually covering up? Once you’re aware of the real issue, letting go is simple and decluttering can happen immediately. Using step-by-step instructions and easy-to-understand explanations, Tisha Morris shows you how to move into a new phase of life by ridding yourself of all that’s holding you back. Clutter Intervention  teaches you about the psychological, emotional, and energetic components underlying your possessions, making it easier for you to let go and live authentically. Discover ways to clear out items associated with your past relationships, jobs, and unhealed grief. This book isn’t about living with less. It’s about living in alignment with the life you want. “


All-Natural & Organic First Aid Ointment

CUROXEN with Arnica for Pain Relief is an All-Natural & Organic First Aid Ointment for your cuts, scrapes, and wounds that is 5X Stronger at killing germs than any other product on the market. Made from 4 clean, natural, organic ingredients: oxygenated olive oil, calendula, arnica, and lavender essential oil. Since CUROXEN is all-natural and contains no synthetic antibiotics, CUROXEN won’t lead to antibiotic resistance. CUROXEN contains only natural ingredients so it won’t cause an allergic reaction. Safe for adults, children, and even pets.

BAO Probiotic Drink

Cultured Liquid Pickles

BAO Cultured Liquid Pickles  offer the bold and complex flavor of fermentation and the probiotic power of lactobacillus. This briny and tart boost helps to  restore balance and energy to your day. BAO Cultured Liquid  Pickles are  available in 6 flavors – Green, Beets, Red Ginger, Deep Purple, Turmeric, an Spicy. Tis product is  certified organic, has no sugar or sweeteners, is  non-go  gluten free and vegan.  Studies have shown that the acidity and electrolytes from lactobacillus may help alleviate muscle strain, aid in digestion and improve gut flora. Find the  complete  ingredient list at  .

The One Love Movement

Non-profit for under-represented kids

The One Love Movement creates events and projects to inspire others to spread compassion and to support under-represented communities, locally & globally through selfless action and giving.   Founded by yoga teacher, writer and speaker Kim Bauman who realized her passion after attending a leadership training with Off the Mat Into the World.   As an orphan who considers herself blessed to have been adopted into a loving family, she plans to touch as many kids as she can.   You can help by donating, attending events, becoming an ambassador or hosting a fundraiser!


Artisanal Skinny Salami

Tired of shakes and bars? This is an on-the-go snack that’s high in protein, low in calories, and gluten-free! Portable and convenient for powering you through your day, Skinny Salamis are lovingly made in small batches from the highest quality meats and the finest herbs & spices. They are slow cured, antibiotic-free and have no added hormones. Available in six delicious varieties using Duroc Pork, Black Angus Beef, and All-Natural Lamb.