Summer Survival Favorites

Summer Survival Favorites

Hydration is key, especially during the dog days of summer! Time to invest in a few great items to help survive the excessive heat warnings.  These are just a few of my favorite items for the summer of 2023. As always, eco-friendly is a priority so I was thrilled to find high-quality products that work!  I love my coffee but occasionally just can’t handle it in summer.  Check out the list below for refreshing solutions to beat the heat!


Caffeine Alternative Beverage

 – a    clinically proven caffeine alternative tried and tested to improve brain function, focus, and work productivity. Backed by research in circadian rhythms, BioLift’s ingredients consist of elderberry, ginkgo biloba, guarana, and low glycemic carob extract, giving you hours of focus without the jitters or interfering with sleep.

Owala ®

FreeSip ® Bottle

The bottle that’s taking the market by storm. First off it has  an easy-peasy, push-button open lid and integrated carry loop that doubles as a lock.  Of course it’s also leak proof (toss it in your tote without worry), insulated (24 hours cold), and easy to clean -those are all table stakes. The real magic is in the  FreeSip ®  spout -which allows you to take a sophisticated sip through the hidden, built-in straw or a satisfying swig through the wide mouth opening. It’s like multiple choice, but the answer is always right.  


All Natural Bottle Cleaner

Small tablets, big results. A natural cleaning tablet that’s gentle yet powerful. EcoBrite tablets banish stains and deep clean your bottle -and you barely need to lift a finger. Just drop a tablet in water and let the cleaning begin. Available in 10 Pack ($10), 20 Pack ($19), 30 Pack ($27), and 40 Pack ($35) sizes.


Natural Lip Balm

Dignity Coconuts is a social enterprise with a mission to stop modern-day slavery for coconut farming communities.  This vegan lip balm collection is chemical-free providing excellent protection and healing properties without the toxins.  They are fragrance-free, carefully crafted in small batches, and high-quality made with unrefined ingredients.

Lauryan Cork Yoga Mat

Cork Yoga Mat

Lauryan Cork Yoga mats provide eco-friendly, sustainable yoga products to support you in your practice. Use the Lauryan Cork Yoga mat to ensure a strong foundation in your journey for wellness.  This woman-owned business is founded on balancing work and family life.  Lauryan Cork Yoga Mats promote eco-friendly awareness.  All products are organic, anti-microbial and self-sustaining.  Lauryan Yoga products support One Tree Planted, focussing on reforestation in California.