Tips For Making Great Tasting Popcorn

Tips For Making Great Tasting Popcorn


Through a ton of technologies, modern cinemas have successfully pulled people back to their screens. Allowing different features that enhance vision and sound for the film, these entertainment centers have successfully created an enormous revenue. One of these places’ main attractions is their concession stands, where you can avail of different eatable items to enjoy while still watching your desired film.

Among these, popcorn quickly rose to the top. Popcorn is arguably one of the most popular snacks for a movie. Many people would look at you with suspicious eyes if you didn’t buy even a small popcorn box to eat while you watch the film. It has merely become the tradition of going to a cinema or when watching a movie alone.

But there are times when one can’t see one of his most-awaited movies on time. Due to any reason, he has to miss out on all the shows available and has to sit at home and watch it on his television or laptop. Often, people miss the optional service of snacks available for them before the movie starts.

With proper technique and some skill, it is not impossible to make popcorn at home. People can make better and tastier popcorn than most cinemas offer at their stands. By understanding the basics and following some simple guidelines, it is possible to enjoy these snacks at home with your favorite movies in a better taste.

Basic Knowledge about Popcorn Kernels
A popcorn kernel consists of three parts: a hull, the germ, and the endosperm, which contains starch. When heated, the moisture within the endosperm converts into steam. This heat exerts pressure on the hull, which bursts and flips the entire kernel inside out. That is when you hear the sound of the popcorn, “popping.”

As the moisture is what pops the kernels, it is vital to keep unused ones in an airtight container or dry out and take a longer time to pop.

Choosing the Appropriate Popcorn Kernel
Whatever their type be, they will always pop into uneven snowflake shapes. There are usually two types of kernels: the butterfly and the snowflake ones. While the color of the kernel’s hull could be any, the starch always gives a yellow or white color.

Keep in mind that there is no need to cut back on the quality of the popcorn kernel. usually pops better, and there are fewer chances of unpopped grains.

The Right Type of Fat
Although many consider popcorn to be a light snack, a few changes can substantially affect its nutritional value. Many people add fats to popcorn due to a few reasons. One of the main reasons is the choice of ingredients.

Among those ingredients which alter the properties of popcorn, oil is an essential one. Therefore, choosing the right type of fat is necessary. Coconut oil is the most preferred choice in this case. Due to its health benefits, many experts suggest using coconut oil.

Many theatres also use coconut oil due to its slightly sweet taste and odor. But, you must be careful with the amount as too much would increase the number of saturated fats in it, and it would also spoil the taste.

Using Kosher Salt
As important as the cooking procedure is, seasoning is just as important. The primary flavor for popcorn is salt. Even if you add other flavorings, they won’t alter it until you add salt. For this purpose, experts advise using kosher salt. It is a more refined type of salt. You can buy it from the store for a low price, or even grind kosher salt at home. They stick to the kernels easily.

It is better to sprinkle the salt on the popcorn while they are still hot. It will make the sticking process easier. Shaking the container lightly if it’s not hot will also work great at improving the taste.

An Additional Seasoning
One optional flavor that people like to add is butter. Many theatres use yellow-colored butter seasonings to give their consumers an exotic taste. Using regular butter will make your snack a bit soggy. In this case, one should use clarified butter.

Clarified butter is free from impurities and excess ingredients. It gives a good, intense flavor. You can also make clarified butter at home if convenient. If not butter, you can also use ghee for this purpose. Remember to use fractional amounts of seasonings while you keep tossing for a better taste.

Things To Remember

  • Cleanliness is essential – wash the kettle and keep it dry of oil to avoid spoiling the popcorn’s color and taste.
  • Keep your ears open when the kernels start popping. If you don’t stop the kettle at the right time, you will end up with burned popcorn.
  • After your popcorn is ready, let them sit for another few minutes. This process will ensure that the popcorn dries out a bit, and it will result in crispier and more fluffed popcorn.

There are lots of other ways to make your perfect snack for the movie. There are also a lot of different seasonings and flavors that you should try. But make sure to follow the proper instructions for optimum taste and maximum fun.