2018 Holiday Wellness Gift Guide

2018 Holiday Wellness Gift Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!     It’s also a time when life may become a little overwhelming.   Keep your cool and stay dialed in with these items that are sure to please, whether you are looking for the perfect gift, or just looking for some items to help you deal with ……December!   We believe the holidays are business as usual and rather than falling into unhealthy and mindless conveniences, everyone should take a stand.   Just because the days are shorter doesn’t mean you should miss your evening run – we have you covered!   Workout hair, don’t care and a holiday party – covered!   Check out our list of conscious products that keep you fueled, clean, rested, styled and centered!   If you’re looking to show you care…covered!   Practical? Covered! Or even something precious and unique, we have got you covered.   As always, every item on this list was hand selected by our staff because it’s filled with intention, is eco-friendly and exudes conscious consumerism.   Some of these items are made from small start ups, but pack a big impact! Support small, support earth-friendly, be intentional!

Hair Warrior

Revolutionary Hair Care Product

Icky yoga hair …we care!   Hair Warrior is a revolutionary hair treatment protects your hair from that salty sweat while you work out. It is that salty sweat that damages your hair making it dull, brittle & dry. Developed by Yogi’s for Yogi’s Hair Warrior is applied prior to practicing.   Your own body heat activates it making your hair shiny & hydrated without weighing it down, Hair Warrior is paraban, sulfate & gluten free, vegan friendly. Hair Warrior is great for all types of hair. A perfect stocking stuffer and gift for that yogi in your life.  

Spibeams LED Hat

Fashionable & Functional Hat for Runners

This hat is great for illuminating the path in front of you while you are on the trail, city, beach, or wherever you may be!  Designed specifically to keep runners and other exercisers safe when out at night, SPIbeams emit bright LED light, providing instant high-visibility for up to 1,4000 feet (one quarter  mile) from the front, side or back. Comfortable, lightweight and weatherproof, they can be worn for all types of activities and in all conditions. With SPIbeams runners can log miles from dusk until dawn, feeling confident in their safety. Stay safe from dusk til dawn with Spibeams LED hat, $29.99

Drawing Board Shop

Whimsical Note Cards

This multicultural, interactive line of kids yoga note cards is ideal the ideal gift for parent and child yogis, and yoga teachers.   Available as individual cards or set of 10 (shown).  Visit our website for the complete collection of poses, including Tree, Mudra, Warrior II, Frog, Tabletop, Plow, Backbend, Triangle, Lotus, Lord of the Dance, Downward Facing Dog and Upward Facing Dog Poses.   Share the sweetness of the holidays with our Christmas Treats Notecard Set.   Ideal as holiday cards, party invites, gifts or decor.   Set of 9 cards and envelopes. Includes 3 each of images shown. Shop our website for additional holiday card designs.

BlenderBottle Mantra

Protein Shaker Bottle

Nourish body, mind, and soul.  Whether you’re sipping water during yoga practice or mixing a recovery shake after a gym session,  there’s something calming and clarity-inspiring about drinking directly from glass.  The bottle’s unique, center-mounted ClearSipô Spout creates a smooth, all-glass drinking surface. A second, wider opening allows for thorough cleaning or adding ice.  The glass bottle nestles between a silicone cap and boot for enhanced grip, and the  secure, twist-on cap and screw-on lid create a guaranteed leak-proof seal.  The  patented mixing system uses the BlenderBall ® wire  whisk -found only in BlenderBottle ® brand shakers -to mix smooth  protein and nutrition shakes with ease.

No Cow

non-dairy, high protein, low sugar Energy Bar

No Cow Energy Bars give you the energy burst, without the crash. Dairy-free, high in protein, and with only 1g of sugar – No Cow energy bars are also buzzing with 45 mg of sustainable caffeine (the equivalent to a ½ cup of coffee) sourced from a patented coffee bean flour. The energy bars are also gluten-free, soy free, vegan, and non-GMO – like all other No Cow protein products.  Use promo code YOGA10 for 10% off and free shipping at .

Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather Gift Set

Organic bamboo bedding brand, Ettitude and International award winning celebrity hair stylist, Tara Smith,   have created a limited edition  ,  100% vegan ‘hair to home’ gift set. Naturally nourish hair and fight frizz all day, from the products you use in the shower to the pillowcases you sleep in at night. The bird feathers, textures, colors, styles, richness, shine and uniqueness make these gorgeous creatures perfect ambassadors for Tara Smith and Ettitude’s earth-friendly, vegan products. Priced at $98 includes a Special Edition Bamboo Pillowcase Set and Eye Mask designed by Tara Smith and Shine On Hair Care Products. Pre-order available online now. Shipping begins December 5.

The Clean B

Refreshing soaps, body butters and bath bombs

Clean, Beautiful and Natural. We’re passionate about what we do. But having the best products is only part of the process, we’re also here to make you feel great. Whether you’re here for a gift or to pamper yourself, your happiness is what makes us happy! Our handmade soaps, body butters, and bath bombs are created with only the best ingredients. We want you to feel refreshed and recharged to take on every day with passion and joy. We use no unnecessary chemicals, additives, fillers or parabens. The sunshine and love are included for free!

Vibrate Higher

It's Cool to Be Kind Muscle Tank

Embrace the season of giving with this  comfortable, relaxed   “It’s Cool To Be Kind ” muscle tank from Vibrate Higher. It’s simple, cool and definitely kind as each shirt purchase equals one solar lamp, providing 48 hours of light, donated to a family in need. And it’s doesn’t end there! The  mantra-based, conscious apparel & wellness company donates for very item sold on the website. Each item is also ethically hand printed to order in the US. Yoga Digest readers get something extra special, too – 20% off using the code yogadigest. Valid through 12/31/18.

Salt Spring Malas

Artisan Mala Beads & Jewelry

Discover the peace of daily meditation. Mala beads were first used in India over 7,000 years ago to recite sacred mantras in meditation. This practice brings the mind to a quiet space and an empty heart, to witness the presence of pure peace. Salt Spring Malas & Yoga Jewelry makes the finest mala beads for daily meditation practice. Their work expresses both aesthetic beauty and spiritual purity by using high quality gemstones, pure metals, and curated Buddhist and Hindu symbols. Their limited edition malas are works of art, combining form, meaning and function in a quality you can count on.


Eco-friendly, anti-stink Laundry Detergent

Essentials  Set:  We all sweat during a good workout, but that doesn’t mean our workout  clothing has to  stink!    HEX Performance is today’s  solution to clean and protect yoga pants, workout clothing, gear, and more! Its unique  eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable formula  completely eliminates odor from all  fabrics  while deep  cleaning and even protecting from future stink.  The  HEX  Essentials  Set includes  Anti-Stink Detergent and Stain Remover  to tackle all the built up  stink and stains. And for those items you don’t wash (like yoga mats, blocks, and shoes),  HEX  Anti-Stink Spray delivers powerful cleaning and protection without a washing machine. Use code YogaDigest10 for 10% off.

LadyBee Boutique

Insulated Wine Tumblers

12oz Insulated Wine Tumblers by LadyBee Boutique Whether you are drinking coffee, cocoa or wine this holiday season, these tumblers will keep your drink the perfect temperature when you’re on the go. These designs are permanently imprinted into the coating of the mug. These are not stickers or paint and they will not rub off or fade over time. They are fully customizable and you can even put photos on them! These are the perfect gift for everyone on your list. LadyBeeBoutique.ETSY.com


Herbal Remedies

Expertly formulated in Switzerland, Olbas Herbal Remedies are designed to comfort and soothe in many ways. The essential oils in Olbas have a rich history of aromatherapy usage dating back to the ancient Egyptians and Chinese. These natural, essential oils make Olbas remedies instantly effective and truly unique.The Olbas Aromatherapy Inhaler vapors provide a pleasant, refreshing, and cooling sensation to nasal passages. It’s especially beneficial during times of seasonal discomfort, low humidity and other unwelcome nasal encounters. These fast-acting, penetrating vapors provide an immediate, fresh, clean feeling in the nose, sinuses and lungs.Olbas gives you the POWER to BREATHE, Naturally!