Yoga Digest Top Wellness Picks For Fall

Yoga Digest Top Wellness Picks For Fall

The season is definitely changing. Temperatures are dropping, days are shorter and activity and exercise can be placed on the back burner as we spend more times indoors getting less vitamin D.   With attention and focus on the upcoming holidays, end-of-year deadlines and social obligations, our immunity tends to weaken and our health can suffer!   Be proactive, avoid binge eating and drinking, stay healthy and get a head of the ball game with tips and ideas from our Favorite Wellness Picks for Fall.

her vital way

Premium Supplements

her vital way is a line of premium supplements at affordable prices designed to support energized living. Formulated  just for women, the line targets everything from healthy inflammatory response, to stress management, bolstering the nervous system, tissue health support, and much more. The 13 formulas combine scrupulously tested ingredients, herbal blends for women-specific areas of support, and an affordable price point.  her vital way brings the latest in science and the most respected traditions to the development of all its products. Founded by seasoned natural products veterans who have consulted for leading brands in the wellness space for more than 20 years, her vital way aims to be the quality leader in purity and potency while nurturing the optimized health goals of its valued community. Visit

Yoga For Diabetes

Manage Your Health With Yoga & Ayurveda

Diabetes is an epidemic, but medical studies show that yoga helps diabetics balance blood glucose levels, reduce stress, lose weight, increase sensitivity to insulin, and enhance wellbeing .Renowned international yoga teacher Rachel Zinman, author of Yoga for Diabetes: How to Manage Your Health with Yoga and Ayurveda (Monkfish Book Publishing Company), was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2008. Her inspiring and beautifully illustrated book recounts her own journey and provides a personalized, practical guide to incorporating yoga into a daily diabetes management plan -regardless of one’s age or level of yoga experience. Available now through booksellers or at

Smoothie King

Holiday Meal Replacement

Smoothie King is introducing three smoothies this season, called Holiday Meal Replacement Blends. The purpose of the new holiday smoothies is to indulge without compromising your diet. To that end, each of the new smoothies has less than 400 calories, includes more than 10 grams of protein and up to 40 percent calcium. Beginning November 4th, the new holiday smoothies will be added to Smoothie King’s menu under the categories of Fitness, Slim and Wellness Blends: Slim-N-Trim Cranberry – Slim Blend, Activator Gingerbread – Fitness Blend, Vegan Apple Cinnamon – Wellness Blend.   For more information, visit

Lure Essentials

Chakra Cupping Therapy Set

LURE Essentials’ CHAKRA kit is the most colorful and spiritually-minded addition to their at-home cupping therapy product line.  In unique colors inspired by those of healing crystals such as amethyst, jade, rose, and citrine, the cups aim to emulate crystals in aligning the chakras. Chakra cupping appeals to the senses of Yogi’s, Energy Healers and Eastern Medicine practitioners alike as it helps alleviate tension, muscle knots, pain, and improve circulation and mobility – leading to better health and a better mindset. Each kit includes 8 cups of different sizes in vibrant colors matching their designated crystal.

CEP Calf Sleeves

Compression for Recovery

“CEP Calf sleeves are an easy addition to your Yoga outfit, allowing you to remain barefoot while providing valuable benefits including increased blood flow and muscle support. CEP’s proprietary compression profile increases circulation and reduces swelling in the legs and feet. Applied pressure to calf muscles promotes efficient blood flow, supports muscles and prevents injuries. CEP Calf Sleeves are especially worth your while if you’re prone to calf cramps or soreness and will help you practice longer and recover faster. Maximizing oxygen circulation is an essential component to getting the most out of Yoga. ”

Broc Sprout 2

Whole Broccoli Sprout Capsules

Sulforaphane is the dynamic molecule considered by the scientific community to be the critical trigger of the human cells defense system against conditions such as: breast and prostate cancer, inflammation, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and more.   Large volumes of young whole broccoli sprouts are the most potent natural dietary source of sulforaphane and BROC SPROUT 2 is the unique natural supplement that retains their potency while making them into capsules.   BROC SPROUT 2 capsules contain the vital Myrosinase enzyme and Glucoraphanin compound – when these two essential components are mixed with your saliva, sulforaphane is generated inside your body!