Spring Into Wellness

Spring Into Wellness

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” Thomas Edison

Spring Time. What better time to make some changes, awaken, feel vibrant and practice self-care.   Whether you choose a spring time make-over, commit to a consistent yoga practice, read something inspiring or practice saucha (purity and cleanliness), this Yoga Digest Best of Spring Into Wellness list has some great items to kick start your transformation! Stay well!


Fitness Towelettes

Researchers say gyms and fitness equipment are hotbeds for germs that can cause skin infections, athlete’s foot, colds and the flu. YUCK! Well-Kept fitness towelettes are the perfect solution for cleaning yoga mats, reformers, spin bikes, weights and other workout props! Our special formula is plant-based, eucalyptus-mint infused, and smells so good you will basically WANT to workout. Each pack contains 26-botanic fiber cloths that are lint free and ultra-soft. There is also a resealable closure to prevent the cloths from over drying.


Spring Yoga Combo

The Manduka Cross-Back collection features four-way stretch fabric and a sleek criss-cross construction to move with and support each move of your practice. The Cross-Back Bra features a fully constructed interior bra, to settle into comfort and performance while the Cross-Back Crop Leggings give a snug fit with a contoured waist. The bright orchid color adds a bright pop of color for Spring! Pair with the Breeze Strappy Tank for a lightweight, breathable and ultra-comfy high performing top that will keep up and keep away sweat. Match with the eKO Lite Mat in Atoll for a serene, tranquil practice.

Yoga: The Secret of Life

Coffee Table Book

Famed photographer Francesco Mastalia has traveled the world photographing tribal, religious, spiritual, and indigenous people.  His latest coffee table book Yoga: The Secret of Life is a photo- ­documentary project about the spiritual and physical journey of yoga. Through photographs and text this book explores the personal experiences of 108 of today’s leading practitioners and how this ancient practice has transformed their mind, body, and spirit. The photographs are taken on glass plates using the wet collodion process, photographic technique dating back to the 1850s and take on another dimension with the words that accompany them.


Book About Common Ground

First published in Arabic, I (Next Century Publishing, March 27, 2018) is about the ultimate graven image, SELF. Author Waeil Borhan shares his insights between self-centeredness and God-centeredness.   I is about questions, not about answers.   Borhan believes that asking the right question is more important than finding the right answers.   Every innovation and invention in human history started with a question, driven by a rebellion against the answers of the age. Waeil challenges the heart of the reader, to lead him from the shadow of safe answers to the light of questions.   Answers lead to more endings, questions lead to more beginnings.

Life Happens To Us: A True Story

Wisdom For Healing

Having suffered from abuse, trauma, and abandonment that ultimately lead to PTSD – Ashta-deb was determined to break free from her past. Exploring the diverse healing methods of Western medicine – antidepressant, electro convulsion therapy, and psychotherapy –  to Eastern wisdom – meditation, cannabis, and psilocybin – and detailed in her debut memoir, Life Happens to Us: A True Story, author Ashta-deb shares her poignant, extremely personal memoir of a life touched by profound tragedy. A must-read for anyone who wishes to understand their true potential as a human being. Life Happens to Us dives deeply into the dark recesses of the mind and heals you from within.


Teeth Whitening Kit

First impressions are everything and when it comes to your smile and your conversation with others. Let IGNITE help invite your confidence!  IGNITE LED Teeth Whitening System ®  is the new innovative teeth whitening system you can use at home with NO tooth sensitivity, helping whiten teeth by 4-6 shades after only one 20 minute application. The founders recommend 2x per day every day for a week initially. Thereafter, you can use 1x/mo. IGNITE system includes a hands-free headset (worn on the head or around the neck) attached to a flexible tube that can be twisted to hold the LED lamp in place exactly where the user wants it.