Renew, Rejuvenate, Reset

Renew, Rejuvenate, Reset

Whether you are looking to make changes big or small, we are here to inspire you, educate you and connect you with the right people!   Maybe it’s a wellness trip to a beautiful resort you’re craving? Or perhaps some downtime with a really good book in the comfort of your own home?   Maybe you’re making some dietary changes or deciding to get back into your yoga routine? If leaving a positive footprint on the world (in good-for-your-feet-and-environment shoes) by becoming a leader and voice for your community is on the list….we got you covered.

We never know how this feature is going to turn out.   But it continues to surprise us each and everytime.   We hope you love learning about these new conscious minded products and services to help you Renew, Rejuvenate and Reset!   We would love your feedback!

Apeiron Yoga Mat

Just a Phase

The moon’s cyclic existence symbolizes how all things change and nothing lasts forever – and ‘s limited edition “Just a Phase ” mat is no different. With only a few in existence, this ultra-exclusive yoga mat features a synthetic suede surface that provides extra comfort and non-slip technology for your practice.Gone are the days of slipping, towel bunching, and mat tears, no matter how much you sweat! For dry hands and feet, spray water onto the mat prior to use to prevent sliding. Apeiron’s premium mats are designed to help improve your practice and inspire you to always Live Limitless!

Triple S Ranch Napa

Boutique Resort

Overlooking the sprawling vineyards of Napa Valley sits Triple S Ranch, the perfect location for your next yoga retreat. From the majestic Grand Victorian and rustic Vintner’s Barn, to the charming and comfortable cottages, Infinity hot tub, pool and organic gardens, this boutique resort has been curated to create a retreat from the cares of our increasingly technological modern lives. Exclusively available for group buyouts, the Ranch has accommodations for 50 people to sleep onsite and multiple inspirational meeting sites for a variety of sizes of groups. Handcrafted period objects and antiques enhance the restored Victorian buildings and create an atmosphere of wonder and relaxation.


Kanna vegan shoe

One of (leading barefoot shoe company) newest shoes,    is a stripped-back vegan movement shoe with a stretchy breathable mesh sock. Designed to work in tune with all workouts and urban adventures, the  Kanna  transitions seamlessly from the gym to the street. Like all VIVOBAREFOOT shoes,  Kanna’s foldability allows it to roll up and fit perfectly in any travel or yoga bag. Kanna shoes are priced at $125 and can be purchased .

Wise-Love, Yoga for Life

Claim the Treasure of Unbounded Joy

Enrich your yoga with insights and practical guidance from the wisdom school of bhakti, the yoga of heartfulness. We find lasting meaning, true purpose, and our home by knowing our self and then begin culturing unconditional love for ourself, others, and our Divine Inner Suitor. Wise-Love  is an exploration of our self guided through the meditative eyes of sages and seers. On the inner journey to the self, we discover that the self’s most charming characteristic is that it is a lover, a lover satisfied only when ordinary love evolves into wise-love. Visit

Youth Empowered Action (YEA) Camp

For aspiring adult activists

Are you ready to take your drishti off the mat to make a bigger difference in the world?   Equal parts rejuvenating retreat, transformational leadership training, and hilarious summer camp, trains aspiring changemakers to get active on a social justice cause of their choice.   Learn about social change, develop your communication and organizing skills, strengthen your confidence to step up in your leadership, and make amazing like-minded friends to support you on your path — plus yoga, meditation,   and amazing vegan food. Limited spots available.Visit   to learn more.

4th & Heart

Ghee Butter

The convenient 0.7 ounce ghee to-go packs offered in flavors of , Bean and  Original recipe are perfect to tote on road-trips, beach picnics, adventure hikes and camping exursions.   Stash them in your yoga bag and make a frothy butter coffee or matcha latte after a sweaty yoga sesh.   Take your fire-roasted veggies and chicken skewers to the next level while at your next cook-out by using a packet of Original ghee.   Make instant garlic bread by spreading the Garlic ghee on a fresh slice.   There are endless possibilities with  Fourth & Hear ghee to-go pouches.