Social Media Stokes Coronavirus Fears

Social media is a powerful force. It has the ability to connect family and friends from all over the world, create a sense of belonging and offer support – especially

A Few of our Favorite Things during the Stay Home Movement

We believe in shopping smart. Check out some great new products you purchase without the guilt!

Dynamic and Mindful Movement in Yoga

There are patterns of movement in the body designed to create pathways of expression and creativity. If these patterns are distributed thoughtfully and guided by deliberate breath throughout your yoga

Separated, but not Divided: A Guide to Social Distancing

We all navigate change differently. What may be essential to you, may not be another’s essential. What may be a concern in one home, may not be your concern. Change

5 Tips and 4 Reminders to Help Reduce Stress in Challenging Times

We cannot control what happens around us, we can only control how we respond.  In an era of information overload, it’s very important to moderate who and what has access

Epi-what? Change your internal landscape part 2: Epigenetics and how it reduces depression and increases longevity

In my last Yoga Digest article, we explored the concept of neuroplasticity as it relates to yoga and mindfulness. In this article, we dive a little deeper and investigate epigenetics.

Mental Health Tips for Cabin Fever

With Mental Health Awareness Month coming up in May and with the need for people to continue to function and maintain good mental and physical health whilst self-isolating during the

Change Maker Spotlight: Audrey Cash

Audrey Cash is the Founder of Level3 Yoga, a mobile yoga studio that provides a strong workout while helping students find their zen. Yoga is not only good for the

Motivation vs. Inspiration and How it affects Fulfillment

Motivation is not a bad thing. You can’t hit a target after all, if you don’t know what or where it is. While having an endgame, exit strategy and goal

Everyday Women’s Wellness Made Simple

We believe in shopping smart. Check out some great new products you purchase without the guilt!