The Best New CBD Products We Love

The Best New CBD Products We Love

You would have to be living under a rock if you have not heard about CBD.  It boasts many benefits including:

1) Pain Relief

2) Treating Anxiety and Depression

3) Treating Epsilepsy

4) Helping Control Opiod Addiction

5) Reduce PTSD Symptoms

6) Relief of Arthritis

And many more.  With such bold claims you may wonder if all CBD is created equal.  We found a product that walks the walk!

, is a San Diego-based, family-owned and artisan-batched CBD brand with Scandinavian roots and values.  Neurogan  offers the  MOST POTENT CBD  on the market with its outdoor grown hemp (they do third-party laboratory testing on every product) through its collection of CBD,   CBG and CBN products including gummies, oils, topicals, teas, mints, smokables, superfood powders as well as products for pets, including dogs and horses.  Neurogan  makes its own product at their San Diego-based facility and sources ingredients from farms in the San Diego area, creating CBD that’s artisan-batched, high-quality and high-potency. Notably,  Neurogan  offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee to make sure customers find the right CBD product for them. The full collection can be found  .



 have become Neurogan’s best-selling CBD product; with 7 fruity flavors, 3 strengths, and your choice of    or full spectrum CBD. By purchasing either our 25MG or 45MG  , you’re choosing high potency CBD gummies ready to pack a punch. 25MG suits those looking for strength in their dose, and 45MG is intended for those with prior CBD experience looking for a greater potency in their daily CBD intake. Effects kick-in after 30-90 minutes and last for a total of up to 7 hours.

Gel capsules are perfect for those who want a dose of high potency CBD, but aren’t fond of the taste of CBD. Gel capsules are 100% vegan and organic, contain the CBD extract of your choice, broad spectrum or full spectrum, and are suspended in an    for maximum bioavailability and absorption. Capsules are great for everyday use, long-lasting and slow-released for up to 7 hours of relief.

With Neurogan’s wide selection of full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD oils, there are  many options for the perfect high potency CBD oil for your needs.  Choose the best strength for your needs:  ,,  ,  , or  . CBD oil is meant to be taken sublingually so it sets in quick, providing relief within 10-20 minutes of ingestion and lasting for up to 6 hours. Because Neurogan’s CBD oils are the highest potency oils that are available on the market, these are not recommended  for first time CBD users but rather more experienced CBD users. As a beginner, you can start with a 500MG CBD oil work your way up to a higher potency CBD option. If you feel that you’re ready for a high potency CBD oil, Neurogan recommends starting with a lower high-potency CBD oil and working your way up rather than purchasing one that is too strong. Also it’s important to shake the bottle well before ingesting.