Best Back to YOU Products

Best Back to YOU Products

As part of our on-going Yoga Digest BEST, we have found some great new products to help get you back to YOU! Summer vacations and lazy days are out with the school bells ringing and health and wellness are IN!  Make wise choices with our list of smart products that always make positive and chemical free living a priority.

HEX Performance

Advanced Laundry Detergent

There’s nothing worse than tossing your favorite yoga pants because the smell won’t go away. Did you know that regular detergents are terrible for yoga clothes? They weren’t built to clean synthetic fabrics like spandex and Luon. Instead of eliminating sweat and bacterial odor, they try to hide stink. That’s why yoga clothes smell bad –even after washing. HEX Performance Laundry Detergent is different. It’s the only detergent built to clean both synthetic and cotton fabrics. It’s also eco-friendly, gentle on skin, and even protects fabrics, helping them last longer. Get HEX in stores or online at

50 Strong

Simply Better Bottles

Simply Better Bottles from , is an innovative, stylish hydration line, proudly Made in the USA.  You’ll love the s (24 oz) with inspirational messages “Be Happy”, “Think Positive” and “Never Stop Exploring” with double-walled insulation to keep drinks cold.  It’s the perfect way to stay hydrated as you go about your day. Simply Better Bottles are available in assorted bright, fashion-forward hues and patterns with interchangeable tops and soft and flexible lanyards for easy carrying. All bottles are made of BPA-free, durable Tritan plastic, top-rack dishwasher safe, cup holder-friendly and affordably priced at under $13.00 each. Go to to purchase and view the entire line.

Yoga Coffee

Yoga Inspired Coffee

The world’s only coffee created specifically for yogis! Save 10% off your first bag of perfectly balanced yoga inspired coffee. Yoga Coffee contains a proprietary blend of dosha balancing herbs designed to calm you body and mind.  Yoga Coffee is the only coffee that naturally supports your yoga practice.  Each bag starts with hand-picked, single- origin, hand roasted micro0lot beans from the Peixoto Family farm in Brazil.  You can feel good knowing you are supporting beyond fair trade coffee beans.  Save 10% when you use code:  YOGADIGEST.

Flexi Lexi

Cute and Comfy Apparel

Flexi Lexi offers a unique look with funky fruit patterns and bright ombre designs that will make your outfit instantly stand out. Based in the bustling Bangkok, Thailand, Flexi Lexi offers flexible, fitting, comfortable and chic yoga bralettes and leggings. Born from a desire to create the perfect fit for your bralettes, Flexi Lexi quickly expanded more items to their store, including best-selling designs like Flexi Yoga Pants, Flexi Dancer Leggings, Scrunchy Shorts, Mermaid Tails, Flexi Ballerina Tutus and more! They also have a Flexi Lexi’s Mini Collection for kids!

Perfect Blend

Smart Scale + Recipe App

Don’t stop at the juice bar for your post-Vinyasa acai bowl or smoothie – the Perfect Blend Smart Scale + Recipe App helps you blend up your healthy faves with any blender you have at home! The smart scale and app make blending smoothies, dips, marinades and more as easy as pouring ingredients when prompted. Hundreds of included recipes can be filtered by dietary needs and restrictions. It also helps you to easily measure portions by calorie count and calculates nutritional data to make tracking intake easier. Perfect Blend PRO (MSRP $99.99) and Perfect Blend 2.0 (MSRP $49.99) are available at .

Vitamin Packs

Personalized Daily Nutrition

Today you can experience customized wellness and nutrition with , a science-backed wellness subscription program that delivers vitamins and supplements to your door. The company aligns science, data and technology to curate customized daily vitamin packs based on your diet, lifestyle, exercise and medications. The company’s proprietary technology examines more than 650 potential medication interactions to help identify the nutrients you need…no more, no less.