Get Back to Balance

Get Back to Balance

It’s time to focus!   Get back on track, in a routine, and make self-care a priority after the long, lazy days of summer.   We always take into consideration you’re best interest when compiling these awesome lists of must-haves for wellness and balance.   We believe in intention!   And everything here is designed with all of our favorite things:   creativity, courage, innovation and health! Take a look at these amazing new products that were cool enough to make the hot list for August! Now go and love yourself!


Athleisure Wear

YURIYASA’s versatile and fashion-forward pieces are the solution to getting away with wearing yoga clothes all day while looking stylish and put together. The signature Hot Short Yoga Pant combines the compression of leggings with the freedom of sweatpants. Designed to perform on the mat and on the dance floor, look flawless from crow pose to cocktails.  After seeing the rest of their collection of modern looks to wear from the office to the studio, you’ll realize that yoga clothes are so much more than leggings and hoodies. For every item you buy, 5% is donated to Women’s rights organizations.


Electrolyte Concentration

E-Lyte is a balanced electrolyte concentrate designed to mimic the electrolyte levels in the body that boasts the highest concentration on the market.   E-Lyte contains no sugars or artificial sweeteners; just pure, salty electrolytes formulated with the three ingredients that support perfect PH balance-sodium,  potassium  and  magnesium. Available in a for $8.99 and a for $24.99, a capful of E-Lyte is all that’s required to optimize an 8 oz. glass of water for full electrolyte recovery. E-Lyte can also be added to foods salty in flavor like cooked soups, pasta or broth.

Journey LIVE

Group Meditation

Introducing the world’s first live meditation app,  ! Journey offers daily, live-streamed group meditations led by experienced and diverse teachers, along with a supportive and engaged community base.  Whether you’re new or experienced, Journey meets you where you are in your meditation practice by guiding you through an approachable mindfulness technique focused on the breath.  Connect with other members of the community to offer support as a group, provide accountability and build shared experiences that will make meditation something you want to do every day. Enjoy the power of human connection knowing you’re not in this alone.

Vaital Organics

100% organic, plant-based, CBD-infused superfood powders

VAITAL Organics is an LA-based health and wellness company that was started by former athletes who wanted to put an emphasis on healthier living.  The name VAITAL comes from the Rastafarian movement known as Ital, which centers around consuming organic, non-processed foods that increase the energy in every human. Vaital Organics believes that what you put in your body matters, and that pure, all-natural, nutrient-rich foods are the most beneficial to your body, mind and overall well-being. Because of this, Vaital offers two super infused products: Supergreens + CBD and Supercharge + CBD, which both combine the nutritional benefits of superfoods with the healing properties of CBD. Vaital products deliver health and recovery benefits that keep you firing on all cylinders, improving individual “VAITALITY “.  


Insulated Water Bottle

At-the-ready hydration and elevated style. The Avana ® Ashbury bottle’s intuitive design includes a patented drinking system featuring the FreeSip ® spout, which lets you drink however you prefer -sip upright through the built-in, removable straw or tilt back to swig from the wide-mouth spout opening. Insulated stainless steel keeps water chilled and coffee hot, and prevents condensation on the bottle. On-trend colors and vibrant custom patterns add artful appeal. A portion of the proceeds from every Avana ® bottle purchase goes toward sustainable clean-water solutions in developing countries. The Ashbury bottle is available in 24-oz. and 18-oz. capacities. Learn more and shop now at


CBD Topicals

Ignite International Ltd., launches a new line of topicals featuring CBD Pain Relief Cream and a CBD Roll-On Oil. The new products include 1,000mg of CBD in every bottle and deliver a full range of benefits, now in a form that’s convenient and accessible for both veterans and newcomers to CBD products. The CBD Roll-On Oil incorporates aromatherapy to lift or calm one’s mood. It’s available in three scents: Recharge, Calm, All-Day. Like the CBD Pain Relief Cream, the CBD Roll-On Oil includes anti-inflammatory plant extracs CBD, menthol crystals and arnica. These new topicals are available for purchase online at .