10 Simple Yoga Practices for Beginners

10 Simple Yoga Practices for Beginners

Yoga has become incredibly popular in recent years. Its popularity is due in part to flexibility. It’s very flexible! Yoga can be done just about anywhere by almost anyone. People choose yoga not just for the flexibility (or the physical flexibility it can help them achieve) but also for stress relief, self-awareness, and physical fitness.

Yoga is a fun and relatively easy way to take care of your body. It’s a great exercise to add to your self-care regimen in addition to other important routines. Skincare (Your skin is your largest organ!), meditation or stress relief, and maintaining a healthy diet are other great ways you can take care of yourself while you practice yoga.

With that in mind, here are 10 simple yoga practices for beginners that will have you on the path to health and enlightenment faster than you can say “Surya Namaskara. ”

A yoga sequence is a term used to describe the particular order of poses. Finding a great sequence can make all the difference. Vinyasa is one of the most popular beginner yoga sequences. In this sequence, each yoga pose is coordinated in time with breaths. This sequence starts with chaturanga pose, to upward facing dog, to downward-facing dog. Vinyasa is repeated several times throughout most beginner yoga classes.

#2: Iyengar
In this type of yoga sequence, poses are held for a long time. The focus is on precision to create stability and strength. Iyengar also uses props to modify poses for added benefits. While it might seem strenuous, this method focuses on gentle practice with proper alignment.

#3: Viniyoga
Viniyoga is a sequence focused on logical flow. Yogis focus on a specific strategy to achieve a desired outcome. Many tout its effectiveness and some have even used viniyoga to manage or help overcome addiction with strict practice.

#4: Bikram
More commonly known as “hot yoga, ” this sequence gained popularity in the seventies and is practiced most commonly in a room that is 105 degrees Fahrenheit to replicate the climate of India. In this way, yogis hope to achieve a higher level of practice.

#5: Ashtanga Primary Series
Ashtanga is made up of six different series of sequences: primary, intermediate, and four advanced levels of practice. Each series begins with a sun salutation.

#6: Sun Salutations
Most yoga begins with sun salutations.   It is a set series of postures that are performed in an order that creates flow of movement coordinated with breathing in a thoughtful, measured way.

#7: Triangle Pose
Also known as trikonasana, this pose is a standing asana. The pose is done three times for the series, focusing on a different aspect of the pose each time.

#8: Sequence for Anxiety
Earlier I mentioned viniyoga and how its focus has been used to combat addiction by some dedicated yogis. In addition to sequences for fighting addiction, there are also special yoga sequences designed to help with mental health. Some amazing beginner yoga poses have been combined into a special sequence designed to help treat anxiety symptoms. Camel pose, cat pose, and cow pose have all been known to help with anxiety.

#9: Sequence for Headaches

If you struggle with migraines, you might want to check out the beginner’s sequence developed for headaches. These sequences are usually about 30 to 45 minutes long. Child’s pose and downward-facing dog have been known to be helpful poses for fighting headache symptoms.

#10: Sequence for Runners
There are even yoga sequences to help athletes! Sequences for runners almost always include downward dog. Downward dog is one of the most popular poses and it involves a mild inversion meant to stretch the entire body. It’s easy to see how it would be great for a runner!

As you can see, there are yoga sequences for everyone! Yoga is great for beginners, athletes, and everyone in between.

It’s something to consider if you’re searching for an activity to increase your flexibility and endurance or even just a healthy way to relax. Yoga can be just the thing to include in your day if you want to look and feel amazing. When trying to enhance the way you look and feel, do not forget to practice a regular skincare routine, get plenty of rest, and eat a healthy diet. All things combined, you’ll feel better than ever in no time. Now that you know how to get started with yoga sequences, you may want to learn more about pursuing a healthy diet or creating a daily skincare routine.

Check out the food pyramid from the USDA Food & Drug Administration to learn more about which foods can help you get and stay healthy. If you need to learn about the best way to protect your skin, consult a dermatologist from Rest, good food, and healthy skin combined with yoga are sure to put you on the path to good health.