Change Maker Spotlight – Kimberly Spreen-Glick

Change Maker Spotlight – Kimberly Spreen-Glick

Kimberly Spreen-Glick is an ERYT and YACEP with Yoga Alliance. She has had the privilege of teaching, coaching and speaking all over the world in the areas of fitness, yoga and positive psychology for 25+ years and was named  the 2015 IDEA Program Director of the Year. Kimberly co-created EMPOWER! events and is the founder of  Karma Warriors, a community created to inspire people to remember that they always have a choice – they can always choose love. She has also founded the heart-centered Make A Difference Academy, designed to support the success and fulfillment of yoga and group fitness teachers.


1.   How did you get into yoga?

Before 2001, I had practiced on and off for a few years but really only for the physical aspects; to balance out all the other crazy “fitness ” things I was doing. In 2001, I was a manager of 38 instructors, lost my top yoga teacher and went through training solely to be able to cover the classes that were going to be open. This is when I fell in love. I began diving into the philosophy and it became extremely healing for me!

€¨2.   What have you done in the past year to better yourself as a Yoga Teacher?

The greatest thing I’ve done recently to better myself as a teacher was to focus on self discovery and self-care. This meant hiking more, meditating daily and continuing my studies in personal development. I really shifted my attention to what makes my soul come alive and my heart dance. And I’ve learned that when I, as a teacher, can embrace the fullness of who I am in that way, it automatically gives permission to my students(and everyone else around me) to do the same!

€¨3.   Why is yoga so important in the world we live in today?

There are obvious physical and mental benefits that have been documented numerous times. But, emotionally and spiritually speaking, yoga can literally bring us home to who we really are. Every time we step on the mat, we will get out of the experience exactly what we choose to. And every time we step off the mat, we can choose to leave behind what is no longer serving us. And yoga doesn’t judge. It just asks that we “show up ” for ourselves fully. The world needs more of this!

4.   What do you like the least about yoga?

The camps, debates and arguments. One type of yoga versus another. One style of teaching versus another. This pulls us away from the non-judgmental, unifying space that yoga could create! ALL types of yoga and ALL styles of teaching are to be honored and celebrated. I teach mostly a certain type of yoga; but, you will never hear me say that mine is better than any other. It’s just what most speaks to my heart, that’s all. Everyone should get to make their own choice without others judging or debating them on it!

€¨5.   Where do you see the yoga industry in 10 years?  

I see continued growth, particularly in the areas beyond the asana practice. We know the physical draws most to the practice at first but a large percentage shift at some point, seeking some form of self awareness and/or connection. I see more teachers diving into, learning about and embracing yoga’s philosophy for life while taking a holistic approach to their teaching to create more than a physical experience for their students. And I see students ready to be met on their mat in this way, as a whole person …and a soul.


€¨6.   What is your life motto?

“Our true wealth is in the good we do in this world. ” This is a quote by Mohammed that I adore. And I believe that the good we do …needs to start within ourselves …loving, accepting and being our authentic selves. You see, both for ourselves and for others that we share this life experience with, we always have a choice – we can always choose love. And when we choose love, we light up the world!