Why Should You Take a Yoga Holiday?

Why Should You Take a Yoga Holiday?

Travel has immeasurable benefits for the soul. It teaches you how to have patience, communicate with language barriers and practice your listening skills in tough circumstances. It gives you the opportunity to find yourself, lose yourself, reflect, explore, and deepen both interpersonal relationships as well as the one with yourSELF. It finds a way to take you out of your comfort zone and into a place of freedom (if you let it).

The benefits of yoga are noticeably similar. Yoga teaches you patience with the self, and with your charming or alarming thoughts. It teaches you how to listen, not just to a guiding teacher, but to your body’s messages. It gives the opportunity for focus, find clarity, apply what you have learned, then reflect. You deepen and explore physically, mentally and beyond surface into the soul. It takes you out of your head and into your heart. It brings you to a place of freedom (if you let it!)

So, why should you take a yoga holiday? When is the last time you did down dog next to soft lapping Caribbean waves or sweated on a desert plateau soaking in the vibing earth energy? When was the last time your character and practice were challenged by unfamiliarity, learning a new style or lineage, getting an adjustment that changed the way your entire body felt or how you taught? How have you embraced not just asana, but the other limbs of yoga, using travel as the ultimate tool for growth?

Are you ready to add to the spark and energy of hundreds of other yogis that want to level up and connect? Then it’s time to shake things up. Imagine the chemistry when travel and yoga unite for a 4 day festival in the sunny quaint town of Ocean Beach. It’s called and it’s happening January 27th-30th 2017.

Ditch the mind chatter, pack a bag, and hit the road for this transformational festival. Roll out your mat for non-stop classes with Master Teachers and fellow seekers. You are guaranteed to lose yourself, find yourself, and grow the SELF beyond limits.