Feel Good, Look Good, Be Good:  Ethical Brands We Love

Feel Good, Look Good, Be Good: Ethical Brands We Love

In light of current events, shoppers are more discerning than ever.  It’s okay to expect your products to be sustainable, chemical-free and environmentally friendly.  Now, we also want to know that what we support is in line with our beliefs and morals.  We are excited to share four products with you that passed our ethical and inclusive shopping check list!  Check them out for yourself!


Natural Deodorant

Routine, made at the base of the Rocky Mountains is the most effective, stylish natural deodorant to be found.  Founded by formerly smelly sisters, Neige & Pippa who needed an antidote to their own unfortunate natural musk, Routine offers 16 unique natural scents, so that everyone can find their scent soulmate and best pheromone friend. Refillable glass jars or post consumer recycled sticks the choice is yours! Routine also offers minis and kits, so that you can try it before you marry a full size. At routine we believe armpits deserve the best, just like every other inch of our bodies.


Bee-Cause Body Bar

PhilanthroBee’s Bee-Cause Body Bar is the ultimate Bioactive indulgence for your precious skin. This golden cocktail of skin loving ingredients, locks in moisture, nourishes, protects and softens the skin. The magical blend of precious oils & raw honey is aromatherapy at its best. Mindfully formulated, using some of nature’s most potent ingredients, it’s supercharged with powerful anti-inflammatories that help keep complexions calm and cool,  and the glow – oh my!  Raw honey, virgin’s beeswax, and raw propolis harvested right from PhilanthroBee’s hives are medicinal by nature. Proud to  BEE  female founded, funded, formulated, right in the heart of Silicon Valley.  20% Discount Code for Yoga Digest Readers :YOGA20 through October 31st, 2020.

Leimert Park Threads

Unisex Clothing Brand

Leimert Park Threads is a LA-based unisex clothing brand meant for every race, gender and creed standing for unity and equal rights for all. LPT is inspired by the urban environment of the South LA neighborhood, focusing on the black diaspora. The brand has been worn by celebrities like Issa Rae, Beyonce, Ciara, Chadwick Bosman, and Lena Waithe.



KiraGrace is a woman-owned, American-made and globally dedicated activewear brand who believes that clothing made for women, by women has the power to spark joy and provide comfort through difficult times. Shop our elegant designs with luxurious fabrics that keep you feeling beautiful, comfortable and confident.  Our Persian Tile Collection is inspired by enchanting mosaics, designed to take you on an opulent adventure without ever leaving the comfort of your home.