Change Maker Spotlight:  Chris Corbett author of Nirvana Blues

Change Maker Spotlight: Chris Corbett author of Nirvana Blues

 is an author and communications professional who has worked for  Walt Disney, Playboy Magazine and on an Academy Award-winning film in addition  to documentary film projects in Europe, America, and India.  He also owned a  publishing business for eight years with a brother-in-law of one of the Beatles. He  has been studying yoga and meditation since 1972 which was the inspiration for his  novel  . He’s currently finishing off a non-fiction book that shows what  the Matterhorn, David Bowie, mindfulness, and downhill racing all have in common.

How did you get into your business?

I was first introduced to yoga in high school when a friend showed me a copy of  Autobiography of a Yogi. Then I started helping teach yoga classes in the Bay Area  and movement at the Esalen Institute. I’ve been writing articles for various  publications on inner wellbeing and health for many years in addition to working  in  communications at the headquarters of several global corporations. My novel  Nirvana Blues came about as a wish to share a positive message that personal  peace is possible.

How do you stay motivated and inspired to be the best you?  

I meditate daily which keeps me focused on the positive potential we each have. I  also practice yoga around five days a week because not only does it keep me  flexible but is centering and calms my mind (try standing on one foot with both hands  over your head and not fall over when you’re thinking too much!). Walking in nature  grounds me out and of course, I read a lot of inspiring works and tune into podcasts  and videos.

Why is it important to have a message, mission and intention?

The chance to be part of a positive influence on the direction of the world – being a lit  candle that lights others – is a blessing and way for personal growth as we learn to  open our hearts. If everyone were to live a little more consciously we would see the  world turning into a better place. Living a life of purpose creates a sense of personal  fulfilment.

What is the biggest challenge in your industry?

The pandemic has dramatically changed the nature of how we communicate and  share ideas. The publishing and entertainment worlds have already been in a state  of change for some time and the amount of noise that’s generated makes it hard to  stand out. I believe being authentic and true to your vision will allow one to find their  space in the fast-changing universe.

Where do you see yourself in the  industry in 5 years?

The interest in yoga, spirituality and well-being is growing every day (a plus side of  the lockdown!). I will be keeping busy creating a variety of new books over the next  many years. I’m just completing a book which shows what the Matterhorn, David  Bowie and mindfulness all have in common – a guide for living a life of presence. I’m  also planning the prequel and sequel to my novel I just published, ,  which has a lot of yoga spice.

What is your life motto?

You’re either here now or you’re nowhere. Live in the moment to experience the  most fulfilment in your life. The past is history, the future a mystery, so enjoy today.