Simple Fitness Habit: How to Get Fit When You Hate the Gym

Simple Fitness Habit: How to Get Fit When You Hate the Gym

Every day you wake up knowing that you need to get fitter, stronger, sharper, and prettier. You know that exercise is your best choice to achieve your goals. But for some reason or the other, you hate going to the gym. You’ve probably tried joining but only ended up burning your pocket by not showing up after 3-4 days. Let’s face it, we’ve all been there!

Lack of motivation, mental block, and procrastination are some reasons why we lag behind in our fitness goals. When it comes to the hitting the gym, you may have more reasons to worry about. Maybe, you feel uneasy being surrounded by dozens of sweaty equipment and a bunch of aspiring Mr.America’s who make you look like an ant in size and strength. Or, you hate wearing uniform-like gym wears or dislike the trainer who thinks you’re a dump. Well, if these are some reasons keeping you away from the gym, then setting up your own Garage gym would be a great choice. If you’re not sure how to get started, take a look at  Garage gym planner which offers handy advice on fitness equipment and highlights some critical factors to be considered before turning your garage into a mini gym.

However, let’s also not forget that there are people in every corner of the world hitting the gym every day. Just like you, everyone disliked it when they started out. But there is something that made them fall in love with what they once hated the most. Motivation and commitment is the key.

Here are 5 killer tips to help you kick-start your fitness program:

  1. Be consistent

You might want to head to the gym to either lose weight or gain muscles. Either ways, you are guaranteed of impressive fitness if you do the right exercises regularly. To get the curve up on your motivation graph, it’s important that you make a plan. Consult your trainer and come up with a daily, bi-weekly, and bi-monthly plan. Take it as a challenge and track your progress to stay motivated and committed.

  1. One step at a time

When you are right on track with your plan, it’s easy to get a bit overwhelmed and try something more. You might want to stretch a planned 3-mile run into an unplanned five mile run. But, going over the line can put more pressure on your muscles and joints and cause body pain and muscles soreness, which is more common for beginners. Don’t try to become Rocky balboa overnight. Just like anything else, exercise needs time to deliver results. Hence, care must be taken not to overdo your workouts.

  1. Choose an exercise that you love

Just like the way you prepared for your school exams, learning the easy answers and keeping the tough concepts for the final session of the day, it helps to start with simple exercises to get your first motivation push. Taking your dog for a walk, pedaling your way down the street, and walking are some simple exercises you can start with to get the motivation to do more.

  1. Invite a friend

Exercise can be fun where there is a challenge. Make your workouts competitive and thrilling by inviting your friend over and competing with each other on a 60-minute workout routine. Numerous studies have found that challenges help people perform better. What better way to go from ordinary to extraordinary?

  1. Watch Videos

Here’s another easy way to get the giant motivation push that you need: watch videos. There are thousands of exercise videos on YouTube ranging from beginners level to intermediates to the advanced. Check out the ones posted by professionals – most of them have easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions too. Follow the instructions and get better with your workouts.

Is The Payoff Worth The Pain You Endure?

Agreed, getting started on any exercise program (mild or intense) can be daunting but when you compare the pain to results, the pain is worth it. Start exercising, have fun, stay fit and healthy even if you hate the gym. Cheers!