Change Maker Spotlight:  Brent Feinberg

Change Maker Spotlight: Brent Feinberg

Brent is a best-selling author who at the young age of 28 is committed to making sustainable impact in the world, especially for children. Through his exceptional writing skills, his books take the reader on a journey of self-discovery and joy.

Brent Feinberg is an integrative healer and author, born in Johannesburg, South Africa. He was raised with the messages from Nelson Mandela—who he also spent time with—as well as others such as Steve Biko’s son, Nkosinathi Biko, and Deepak Chopra. He has worked with orphan and vulnerable children and youth as well as many others along his incredible journey. He gives of himself so that others will have the skills and tools to live a life that they love and get involved to create a world where all individuals share an experience based on justice, love, self-awareness and greater consciousness.

In his strive to help and heal, Brent started practicing Reiki—an ancient form of healing where the practitioner transfers energy by placing their hands over or on the patient—at age 13. Today he is a Triple Reiki Master. He is also a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Qualified Yoga Teacher, Practitioner of Transcendental Meditation, advanced techniques of Transcendental Meditation, Isha Yoga and advanced Isha yoga programs.


Yoga Digest: How did you get into your business?

Brent: From a young age I was exposed to great people that had caused tremendous social reform. I spent time with world renowned leader Nelson Mandela as a child, Nkosinathi Biko, Steve Biko’s son, is a friend of my family and my mother too has been a profound role model in my life in terms of social up-liftment and engagement. My passionate make a positive change in the world rose from these people. At the age of 12 years old I started experiencing alternative forms of healing and I learnt from these modalities and from the practice of yoga that emotional and mental health are critical to a person’s ad societal well being. I strived to integrate these two passions creating a project where I can create positive social impact and help people to free their minds,  breakthrough limiting thought patterns, release negative emotions and embrace love and compassion for all.

YD: How do you stay motivated and inspired to be the best you?

Brent: I have a daily meditation and yoga practice. This allows me to touch a dimension within myself that is tremendous beautiful. With each day I feel I am growing and developing my true-Self and allowing my personal power to flourish. With this practice comes the understanding that I am intimately connected with all life and people. In committing to improving myself daily, I see it as my duty to give all that I can to the people and all l that is in my surrounding. I am motivated by a deep love for all of life, people animals and our environment.

YD: Why is it important to have a message, mission and intention? 

Brent: Intention is extremely powerful as it is the guiding force behind our actions. If we are not aware of our intentions and are not setting intentions with awareness it is like trying to achieve our vision in life without a compass. Intention creates focus and integrity. Our message and mission is derived from our intention.

YD: What is the biggest challenge in your industry?

Brent: We focus on social emotional learning and development. Although many educational institutions see the benefit of SEL many still do not or are not sure of how to implement or teach this in the best was. Social Emotional learning is imperative to creating a more aware, compassionate and progressive society. My wish is to have employees in companies, teachers in schools and children skilled up to deal with their emotions, especially fear and anxiety which is having a tremendous affect on our society.

YD: Where do you see yourself in the industry in 5 years?

Brent: We are already getting great results with companies, schools and individuals. In 5 years I see myself and my team reaching more people and children to create a beautiful ripple of free, happy and loving minds and emotions. Engaging with our clients in person and through digital components to create communities that feel more passionate and purposeful about their lives is my goal.

YD: What is your life motto?

Brent: An ocean of infinite potential lies within each one of us. This ocean tapped creates pure love in emotion and joy of mind. Go within to cultivate it and share it with all that is around us.


With 1 out of 8 American children diagnosed with anxiety disorder, this has become a serious issue that Brent’s books address in a powerful way with practical skills and tools that can be used both at school and at home. Through his exceptional ability in writing, Brent reaches all ages through his books and they have created positive social change in every community that uses them.


Similarly, the corporate workshops Brent leads address how fear negatively impacts productivity. Believing that life is a work in progress with constant room for improvement, Brent pushes himself to grow every day, while aiming to help others do the same.


“In order to feel fulfilled in our lives we need to have a greater understanding of who we are within and how we function daily,” he says. “This translates into an understanding of what we want in our lives and how we need to take on the responsibility of creating the life that we wish to have. Dreams don’t manifest without action and focus. Always keep dreaming, learning, connecting and growing. Give of yourself totally to each moment. This makes for a fulfilling life!”


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