A Sacred Routine – A How To Guide For Beginners

A Sacred Routine – A How To Guide For Beginners

Our energy is sacred. Our time is sacred. And we are creatures of habit.

There is a deep part of us that craves stability. That craves routine. That craves those
feelings attached to what makes us feel most alive and at our best. And for this very
reason, it is imperative to create time and space for us to be alone – to not only connect
with ourselves but to that deeper, more intuitive space within every single one of us.
Much like a routine in the morning as you get ready for your day – where, for the most
part, you move through the morning almost identical each and every day – cultivating a
sacred routine is the same concept but with even more profound effects throughout your

What does it mean to be sacred? To devote your time and attention solely to one use.
A sacred routine is personal. This time – this practice – is just for you. It is time you
choose to take for yourself to ground down and allow your breath to take over. Where
you let go of the clutter and chatter that consumes the mind and open to the little
messages from within. Where you return to your day filled with clarity and inspiration.

That is the magic of a sacred routine.

Before I provide some ideas for what a sacred routine could look like, I encourage you
to play around with it until you find what works for you. You’ll know when it does when
you feel energized, uplifted and clear.

Below is a general framework to help you create your own sacred practice:

1. Length of Time

Length of time for your routine will obviously depend upon your schedule – however, I
must say, that if you are truly committed to a practice, you will carve out this time
because you’re committed to changing and feeling better.

Try at least 30 mins a day and if that seems unmanageable, start with 15-20 mins a day
and increase from there as you go.

2. Set the Mood

What makes you feel light and uplifted? It truly is the little things that make a big
difference in our day. Light a candle or use incense. Perhaps smudge or sage yourself
and your space before you get started to clear out any negative and unwanted energy.

Maybe surround yourself with flowers or crystals. The idea is to create an inviting and
comfortable space for yourself to completely be present.

3. Create Your Practice

This is the fun part! As you begin to create your routine, pay attention to what helps you
feel the most grounded and clear. A few ideas to get you going are:
– Conscious Breathing (Pranayama Practice)
– Meditate

– Free Movement (light asana/yoga practice)
– Tarot (if you’re feeling especially witchy)
– Praying / Conversation with your Higher Self

Know that your practice can shape and shift as you grow into your routine. It’s important
to honor where you are always at and do what is in alignment with serving your highest

4. Be Intentional

Rather bluntly – avoid any depthless tendencies during your practice. I’ll be the first to
admit that I am guilty of this as well. Sometimes it just feels as though you are going
through the motions, which is completely understandable. But, the time you carve out
for yourself is just for you and it may be the rare for you to have 30 minutes to yourself,
so honor yourself and the practice by choosing to show up wholeheartedly as often as
you can. Be committed. Be dedicated. Because when you commit to yourself first, the
effects and changes in your life are drastic. You’ll walk through your day at peace and
with much more clarity rather than if you had not.

Photo credit:   Carli Jeen and Raw Pixel