Fall Back into You – Best of List

Fall Back into You – Best of List

There is no better time than to kickstart your health and fitness routine than fall.   The weather is cooling down and offers outdoor activities that may have not been as comfortable during the hot summer months.   It’s also a great time to sign up for yoga and fitness classes with the days becoming shorter and everyone falling back into routine.   Setting yourself up with good habits now will come in handy when the tempting months of holiday gatherings begin with Halloween candy, Thanksgiving feasts and of course December Festivities. We love this list of conscious   and clean products to ramp up fall fitness!   We think you will too! Check it out!


All Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner

With ASUTRA 100% All Natural Lavender Yoga Mat Cleaner, not only do you get a super clean mat but the lavender scent left behind is light and aromatic so it doesn’t distract you from your practice.   It smells wonderful and contains therapeutic properties because it’s blended with pure, organic lavender essential oil.    No perfumes or artificial fragrances.  ASUTRA yoga mat cleaners are infused with tea tree essential oil which is one of the most powerful essential oils that exist to combat all types of fungus, bacteria, viruses, mold, and anything unwanted on your mat – NATURALLY.


Smart Water Bottle

DrinKup. Did you know that when we’re dehydrated our energy levels decrease, causing sleepiness and moodiness? Luckily, you can stay happy, healthy and hydrated during all your yogi adventures with the new DrinKup smart water bottle. Integrated to a mobile device as well as to Apple Health and Fitbit, DrinKup supports optimal hydration levels and gives real-time hydration stats by recording the users’ hydration routines and sends reminders when it’s time to ‘drink up!’ The water bottle comes in blue, white, yellow, and coral. Price: $69.


Yoga Shoe

The new Kanna women’s yoga shoe is perfect for wearing to and from class, and helping to build strong, healthy feet. Designed to work in tune with all urban adventures, the Kanna features a soft and seamless fit that hugs the foot and lets toes splay with complete freedom. The Kanna shoe comes in olive, black, white and grey colors. Price: $125.

STM Goods

Myth Backpack

Myth, the newest pack from STM Goods debuted just in time for National Yoga Month in September and also timed with the brand’s 20th anniversary. The Myth pack combines innovative features and style, debunking the myth that you can have a bag with style or substance, but not both. The pack features SlingTech™ technology which suspends the inside if the pack away from the edge, isolating it from the bump zone. Myth is perfect for carrying all of your yoga essential to and from class! Myth is available in granite black, slate blue, and windsor wine. Price: $139.95 (28L) and $119.95 (18L).

Soyogi Yoga

Cork Mat

Yogis, how often do we find ourselves in down dog position with sweat trickling in our noses? Or as we move from Warrior one into Warrior two our back foot begins to slide down our yoga mat? The Soyogi Cork Mat is an eco-friendly, self-sustaining mat that provides better traction than a rubber mat. The mat is pressed cork with a recycled rubber backing and microbial properties. It is lightweight (4 pounds) and 3.5 mm thick. Maintain a solid foundation on your mat and invest in your practice with the Soyogi mat. For every mat purchased, $1 is donated to OneTreePlanted!