What is Reiki?

What is Reiki?

Reiki s a natural, holistic form of health and wellness.

Reiki is done by connecting with positive energies outside of us and administered through the hands, eyes, pineal gland, heart, soul…so therefore can be done with touching or not touching the person or self.


  • Can be learned by anyone (we all have a natural power to heal ourselves.)
  • Has been passed down from masters to students for almost a hundred years starting in Japan.
  • Connects with the “bio field, ” a term medical science uses now to show that there is a vibrational energy field within and around all of us as we are all energy.
  • Connects our higher self with everything around us.
  • Is both scientific and spiritual providing a potent healing experience.

What does it do Specifically?

  • Clears out energy blockages from the physical body and energy fields
  • Provides mental, emotional and spiritual healing
  • Restores power to the physical body and to all levels of the spiritual body
  • Re-establishes spiritual, mental, and emotional balance
  • Cleanses the physical body and our entire being of poisons and toxins
  • Works in co-operation with our Higher Self
  • Successfully and loving treats animals, plants, insects, and inanimate objects
  • Energizes everything we ingest: food, water, medicine, vitamins, herbs, etc.
  • Induces feelings of peace and profound love
  • Assists in the release of stored emotions, memories, and old, useless belief systems
  • Enhances personal awareness
  • Acts as a gentle aid for the dying: enabling a person to leave their present life In peace and open to the new life before them

Reiki supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself and for that reason can bring healing to many conditions including but not limited to:

– Migraine headaches

– Asthma

– Skin conditions

– Flus and colds

– Ulcers

– Anxiety

– Backaches

– Low Self Esteem

– Depression

– Poor Self Confidence

– Medication side effects

– Cancer or chemotherapy treatments

– Surgical procedures (before, during and after)

It has also been shown to:

– Aid better sleep

– Relieve pain

– Promote creativity

– Increase energy levels

– Reduce blood pressure

– Support the immune system

– Assist the body to release toxins

– Clear the mind and improves focus

It is said the Reiki calls the student when he or she is ready: like a magnet you were drawn to read this article: you could have stumble upon any article on any website on the internet, yet like a magnet, you were brought to this page. There are no coincidences in life.

If you want to learn more about Reiki, you can a session (in person or long distance as Reiki works in a timeless and spaceless way) or get certified by internationally known Reiki Master, Shawna Schenk. Certifications can be done online at: www.reikicertifications.com or I’m person in San Diego or on a once in a lifetime, epic retreat to Hawaii May 27-June,2017. Explore more here: