5 aMAYzing New Products For Yogis!

5 aMAYzing New Products For Yogis!

As part of our on-going Yoga Digest BEST lists, we have found some aMAYzing   new products for healthy, conscious and innovative shoppers.   From the inside out, this list has you covered.   Many of these products come from small business start ups, just like Yoga Digest.   You could say we have a sweet spot for the entrepreneurial spirit.   We also have a sweet spot for cool new stuff that adds value to your life.   Whether it be through comfort and convenience or health and wellness, our featured products always have a special touch.   Take a look at some Yoga Digest’s favorite picks for May!


Pants With Purpose

PIYOGA pants are boutique lounge &  yoga  pants that are handmade with love from the tropical shores of Bali. They have over 50 bright patterns, sized 0-16 which has everyone excited to get a pair! PIYOGA pants are soft, breathable, and lightweight making them a must for summer travel. The mission behind the brand is to empower women of all shapes and sizes to get on their  yoga  mat. They also donate 10% of net profits to sea turtle conservation making PIYOGA pants the living definition of ethical fashion and one of the hottest trends to follow this summer.

Jin + Ja

Wellness Elixir

Jin+Ja is a deliciously powerful wellness elixir packed with a blend of fresh ginger, cayenne, lemon, mint, and green tea. The 100% all-natural, non-GMO ingredients can benefit digestive health, increase metabolism, boost mood and concentration, and decrease inflammation. Available in two delicious flavors, original and dragon fruit, Jin+Ja is best enjoyed warmed up or over ice and can be incorporated with tea, juice or cocktails. Jin+Ja boasts the highest content of ginger and cayenne in any beverage available on the market and is available for purchase online and in select retailers nationwide. For more information on Jin+Ja, please visit .

Bala Bangles

Wearable Yoga Weight

Bala Bangles are the world’s first wearable yoga weight. At just one pound a piece, they add a constant but comfortable resistance to your flow. And help to build strength and balance. Traditional dumbbells are at odds with the fundamentals of yoga – they prevent you from using your hands. While they intensity your workout in someways, they limit it in others. They interrupt your flow each and every time you pick them up and put them down. Wear Bala around the house, while hiking, running, or traveling. Perfect for any occasion! Bala Bangles are currently being featured on Kickstarter. Get you some Bala Bangles


Recycled Cork Yoga Block

ReCORK, North America’s largest natural wine cork recycling program, has created the world’s first yoga and fitness block made exclusively from 198 recycled natural wine corks, the 198* Block. Not only is the 198* Block the best eco option available, this stretching and alignment tool improves the practice of every type of yogi, from beginner to guru. The natural cork of the 198* Block is non-slip, durable and has a soft feel under your hands while the block’s three heights provide sturdy support for every level of flexibility. The 198* Block retails for just $20 and is available at .

Amanda Sage Collection - The Shaman

Wearable Art For Summer

Searching for an alternative to those boring black/gray/navy yoga pants that flatters both your figure and wallet?   Look no further than visionary artist Amanda Sage and fashion designer Shabnam Q’s yoga and activewear line Amanda Sage Collection.   The line uses fabric made from recycled materials whenever possible and is ethically made in sunny Los Angeles, CA.   Ranging from yogi staples like leggings and crop tops to festival favorites like ponchos, scarves, and gloves, it’s no wonder ASC has been spotted on everyone from athlete Nicholas Coolridge of American Ninja Warrior fame to artist Alex Grey and indie rockstar Anabel Englund.