Holiday Portion Control

Holiday Portion Control

Do you know anyone who overdid the cucumber slices at a Christmas party? Has anyone ever called you feeling guilty for drinking too much water on Thanksgiving? Have you ever been mad at yourself for going back to the salad bowl too many times? Let’s be grateful that, chances are, we’ll be surrounded by an abundance of food and beverage delights this holiday season. In most American homes, the challenge isn’t ensuring enough to eat; it’s managing to not over eat; portion control. Here are some tips to manage portion control as we enter the holiday season of family, food, and fun.

Plan ahead: pre-plan meal times and snacks. Pre-package high fiber, high protein snacks to eat prior to social events. Why? Filling up with quality fiber and protein will ensure your body has the sustainable fuel needed. If you’re not hungry, you’re not as tempted by the gooey, messy, nutrient-void options available at most parties. Portable packages of fibrous veggies or almonds can be just what you need to stay on track when you’re not in control of your environment (or menu.)

Supplement: If your body isn’t starving for nutrients, you’ll feel, look, and perform better. Most social engagements bring with them a certain amount of social anxiety or stress. You want to dress up and show up for success. Successful people are not hungry. By supplementing your nourishment between Halloween and New Year’s Day (and, let’s face it, year-round) with a high-quality probiotic and multi-vitamin, you’re ready for anything. For extra credit, invest in a fiber supplement to “keep things moving. ”

Play Games: Yes, stay active during the holidays; however, the games I want to discuss are mind games. Holiday eating is an emotional habit. Don’t believe the lie that any yummy treat on a platter will satisfy an emotional concern long term. If you’re sad, angry, or stressed, talk it out with a trusted friend. Your same set of circumstances will still exist after the piece of pie, only now you’ll feel defeated in your nutritional goals as well.

When in doubt, drink water! ‘Tis the season to be creative! Infuse your water with organic citrus fruits and vegetables. My favorite go-to water is cucumber-lime water. Hydrating, delicious, and refreshing! If you want to avoid the dreaded, “why aren’t you drinking ” question at parties, club soda and lime is an excellent stand-in. Also, before you hang up your party animal shoes for the night, drink an 8-10 oz. glass of water. A hydrated body is a thankful body. Happy holidays!