Eco-friendly Essentials For Good Health at Home

Eco-friendly Essentials For Good Health at Home

“The environment is where we all meet; where all have a mutual interest; it is the one thing all of us share. ” –Lady Bird Johnson

With Earth Day upon us, in the midst of global pandemic no less, what an amazing opportunity we have keep the momentum of environmental preservation strong. Long after we are back in our cars, back in airplanes and all the hustle and bustle that was once considered the norm, wouldn’t it be amazing if the smog was still clear in Los Angeles, the dolphins still swimming in the canals of Venice and people were still taking long walks each day, enjoying nature?

We have always supported small businesses and conscious brands with strong intentions for personal health and compassion for our world.   Here are just a few things we love this month that will help you stay healthy and keep moving while at home.   If you have not tried a live stream yoga class, now is the time!

It’s not what happens to us, so much as how we choose to respond.   Take action for your wellness and the quality of our home, Mother Earth!


Yoga Mat

Liforme’s original revolutionary yoga mat features the unique AlignForMe system of practical alignment markers to guide yogis of all shapes and sizes and help them to practice in better alignment.   The mat is longer and wider giving yogis their necessary space, with perfect balance between firm and stability and comfortable cushioning. Every comes with a complimentary stylish and functional bag, with adjustable strap, easy-access zip opening, hygienic interior lining and breathing holes. Liforme are fully committed to ethical business practices and environmentally friendly products. All Liforme mats are made with sustainably sourced and body-kind materials, and are biodegradable and PVC-free.

Back Embrace

Orthopedic Posture Support

BackEmbrace is a soft and flexible orthopedic posture support that helps prevent hunching and slouching. The simple, yet effective design,  gently retracts your shoulders into proper alignment, allowing for improved posture while you sit, stand, walk or do just about anything.   BackEmbrace can be worn comfortably under or stylishly over your clothes. It’s  perfect for men, women and young adults.  BackEmbrace provides a customized fit with an adjustable, split-strap system that  gives you varying levels of support exactly where you need it.  Proudly made in the USA from super soft, premium materials, BackEmbrace is made for moving comfort on the go.


Yoga Hair Accessories

Yogalastics are vinyasa-proof hair ties that feature positive intentions, such as “I am
Balanced, ” and “I am Enough. ” Launched in Spring 2020, this innovative new yoga accessory allows yoginis a new way to “Wear Your Intention. ” Whether in your hair or on your wrist, wearing a Yogalastic adds a touch of self-empowerment to your day. A mindful gift for yourself or for someone you love, Yogalastics are a unique new yoga accessory in on-trend colors we love. Check us out on Or visit them at .

Perfect Balance World

Yoga Wear

Perfect Balance World is different from other brands because it’s pieces have friction landmarks in the fabric. These “landmarks ” help the yogi get a proper grip on the floor and their own body. This enhanced grip allows yogis to keep their center of gravity resting in the ideal, balanced position, and to do it with less strain and struggle. As a result, your audience will achieve better, longer poses as a result from the added control they get from Perfect Balance World.


Yoga Sling 2

With footbeds made out of real yoga mat material and cozy stretch-knit straps, Sanuk’s bestselling Yoga Sling 2 sandals are perfect for taking a breather when working from home. The Yoga Sling 2 has squishy footbeds and comfortable straps that provide great support and help you feel a little more zen during times of stress. This spring, Sanuk is debuting a ton of new colorways so you can lounge at home in style.