Sleep:  The New Aphrodisiac!

Sleep: The New Aphrodisiac!


Seems like when we are young, it’s just one more thing we are supposed to do because “they said so.”   As we approach adolescence, we can’t get enough and can break records, astonishing many grown-ups, when it comes to sleeping.   Enter adulthood and it’s something we want, yet it’s not always so easy to get.

Insomnia, stress, busy schedules, shift working, raising a family and other responsibilities can all interfere with healthy sleep.   But new studies are showing that a good night’s sleep not only is part of an overall wellness routine, but it can also make your more desirable!

The University Hospital Case Medical Centre in Ohio took a close look at “catabolysis “, a natural purification process that helps rid your skin cells of internal debris that can cause cellular damage. In a nutshell: it’s the elimination of the stuff that can diminish your beautiful looks. Bottom line:   lack of sleep results in dull and dry skin, increased signs of aging like fine lines, uneven pigmentation, reduced elasticity and slower recovery time from sunburn. Another studied compared pictures of several adults when they were well rested and when they had been kept awake for 31 hours.  These pictures were shown to a group of 65 adults of all ages, who rated them on various factors.  The sleep-deprived pictures were described as  less healthy  and  less attractive than their well-rested photographs.

Think about it.   If you have a big day coming up, what is the number one rule?   A good night’s sleep is perhaps the most common advice for anyone facing a big interview, an important meeting, a wedding day or even a first date!   How can you ensure a good night’s rest?


  1. Short and Sweet Bedtime Routine.   Don’t over do it.   Turn off electronics, wash your face, brush your teeth, set up for the next day (perhaps set out your clothes or make a simple to-do list) do some light reading, meditation or prayer and turn out the lights.   While self-massage and bubble baths are awesome, they may not always be accessible from a timing standpoint and you want a bed time ritual you can stick with.
  2. Dress (or don’t dress) the part.   Comfort is key.   If silky and sexy feels great, then indulge in luxurious pajamas that keep you cool and collected.   Cotton, while not always the sexiest choice can be the most practical from a breathability, year-round efficiency and budget standpoint.   Remember the season.   Perhaps socks are great for winter, and even flannel?   And in a day and age where being comfortable in your own skin seems to require a P.H.D. in self-esteem, sleeping in your birthday suit might be one of the most liberating, empowering and practices you can implement for some solid z’s!
  3. Two words:   Quality Bedding.   My best friend’s daughter was visiting recently and spent phase one of the night’s sleeping arrangements in my bed.   As she cozied in, she had the biggest smile and sense of joy and comfort about her.   Eyes fluttering as we tucked pillows around her, I said, “I feel exactly the same way every night when I get into Emma!”   Investing in a from a reputable brand like Nest Bedding will go a long way!   Not only will going to sleep be one of the best parts of your day, but it can induce the much-needed beauty sleep we all crave!

Sleep is beautiful and so are you.   More and more studies are showing that it’s rest, not activity, that is most needed in our modern day hustle and bustle.   Sleep can improve mood, help with weight loss, attitude and yes, even beauty!