Summer Survival Kit for Yogis

Summer Survival Kit for Yogis

Ahhhh, Summertime!   The days are longer and warmer and adventure seems to be lurking around every corner. With temps heating up, it could be a great time to cool your yoga practice down. If you have not tried Yin Yoga, we have the perfect book to get you started, you can add it to your summer reading list!   Comfort is key during summer.   You want to be ready for whatever comes your way.   See our favorite yoga shorts that can take you from yoga, to a hike to the water without changing clothes.   We know you like to travel light and the SPIbelt is the answer to carrying your necessities while on-the-go! A summertime survival kit would not be complete without a lasting natural energy supplement that tastes more like a sweet summer treat than a healthy snack.   And we are so excited to be one of the first to share an all new and natural bug spray for those pesky mosquitoes from one of our favorite people in the wellness world!   Check it out below!   We celebrate these creators, just like we celebrate this most wonderful time of the year!   Happy Summer!

Journey Into Yin

How-to Guide for Improved Flexibility

Take time to decompress and relieve stress to face the challenges and joys of life with steadiness and grace. A Journey Into Yin Yoga, with world-renowned yoga instructor Travis Eliot, will guide you through this contemporary and effective approach for improving flexibility, adaptability, strength, and healing. Move slowly and mindfully through varied poses -holding each for several minutes -as you gently allow those tissues to stretch, facilitating better circulation and joint health. With stunning photos and detailed instruction, this book will inspire you to discover your unique path to improved mental and physical strength and balance. Available from Human Kinetics and everywhere books are sold.


Cocoa Flavanols

Here’s an excuse to eat chocolate before AND after yoga. Did you know the antioxidants that make dark chocolate good for you — cocoa flavanols — have staggering benefits for brain and heart function, including exercise performance? FlavaNaturals () all-natural chocolate is made from a premium bean loaded with antioxidants and has 5-9x the flavanols of a typical dark chocolate bar, amounts proven to enhance cardiovascular and brain health. Enjoy the chocolate bars in six mouthwatering flavors, including Roasted Almond + Himalayan Pink Salt and Blueberry + Green Tea Matcha, and FlavaMix drinking chocolate in smoothies, yogurt and more. Find them at    or @FlavaNaturals on    and  .


Small Personal Item Belt

The Glide by SPIbelt is unlike any other SPIbelt. With no buckle and an added pocket, The Glide gives the wearer freedom to wear it their way.   Designed with ultra comfort and convenience in mind, the one-size-fits-all belt features a glide system that can be adjusted to customize your fit.   Two pockets double the possibilities of what you can stash inside while a wider band-width provides extra stability and support to eliminate bouncing.   No matter where life takes you or what you decide to bring along for the adventure, with The Glide by SPIbelt you’re #freetobe you.

21 Drops Bug Spray

Non-toxic, People friendly.

Keep pesky critters at bay with our safe and effective 21drops ®’s Bug Spray, which combines these proven insect repellent ingredients: citronella, patchouli, and cedarwood essential oils in a Lemon Verbena and Rose Geranium hydrosol carrier. Our all-natural Bug Spray is not only safe and effective, but it smells great too! DEET Free. Gentle on people, TOUGH on mosquitoes! Also effective for other biting insects! It’s also free of Parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals, phthalates, GMOs, triclosan, nor is it animal tested.

Bitsy Bottoms

Stylish comfort

Looking for new workout clothes?  Do you want you style,  comfort and versatility that won’t break the bank?  Then you  need to check out  !  Bold, bright and fun prints as well a signature booty scrunch are what makes Bitsy Bottom stand out in the crowd.  With buttery-soft fabric that moves with your body,  Bitsy Bottom is a perfect fit and  will become  a favorite in your wardrobe.  Bitsy’s are  versatile enough to wear to yoga, Crossfit and even a dip in the pool.  With shorts, capris, leggings and more; there is something for everyone.Shop Bitsy Bottom at