Giovanna Silvestre – Change Maker Spotlight

Giovanna Silvestre – Change Maker Spotlight

grew up in San Luis Obispo, California. She is the founder of the unique yoga wear brand Confused Girl in the City,  and a popular travel blogger. Graduating with honors, she received her International Relations degree from University of Southern California. She went on to work in the entertainment industry for several years. Some of her accomplishments include working with director Kenneth Branagh on the Marvel film “Thor ” and Co-producing a short film, “The Wind in the Willows, ” with Peter Jackson’s company, “Weta. ”

After a radical internal awakening five years ago, she was inspired to start a brand that empowered the modern female warrior to find her true nature. Now, with a full collection of yoga apparel, she has been featured on VH1, Yoga Digest, Yoga Magazine, Silicon Beach Magazine and on the cover of LA Yoga. Last year, she felt the urge to move to Bali and write a book to help other ‘Confused Girls’ in the world. She is currently writing, “Seven Things Every Confused Girl Should Do ” from her Bali balcony over looking the rice fields. Follow her


YD: How did you get into your business?

Giovanna Silvestre: “Confused Girl ” started as a blog 5 years ago. I was lost at the time and wanted to share my feelings with others. I figured, I can’t be the only confused one out there. It’s funny how we feel we’re the only ones when every human being has either been there, is still there or is going to be there again! My blog took a life of it’s own and put me on a spiritual journey to find my true nature. Along this journey I met a healer who had a profound effect on me. He had a collection of crystals and told me to pick two to take home. I had these crystals in my room and felt so much joy when I walked past them. One day I was meditating and I had a vision of creating a line of women’s activewear that was inspired by these crystals. So with no money and an idea, I started the journey.

YD: How do you stay motivated and inspired to be the best you?

GS: Life isn’t always a bed of roses. I still have moments of desperation, hopelessness, disappointment and anxiety. I just went through three months of feeling really off and uninspired. But I believe this too has something great to teach us and even though it’s uncomfortable, it will pass. One of my greatest gifts, is when I feel inspired our called to create something, live somewhere, help someone, speak up, I do. But I don’t think it is realistic to wakeup inspired and motivated everyday. I actually think it’s unhealthy to tell people, “when you are doing what you love, you will never work a day in their life “. I just don’t think that is possible unless you are on some ‘happy bill’ …lol. What keeps me being the best me is my desire to learn from everything including the fear and pain I may experience. I also know that I’ve created everything in my life from a calling that was greater than myself and I choose to trust that even when I’m not getting the results that I want.

YD: Why is it important to have a message, mission and intention?

GS: It is important to have a message, mission and intention because this is the very thing that will get you through the uninspired moments and unforeseen obstacles. Not having an intention is like being a tree with no roots. With the first wind that passes, you will be blown over. To create anything truly great, I believe we have to tap into something truly great within ourselves.

YD: What do you like least about your industry?
GS: I’m smiling while I writing this because here in Ubud, Bali we have a lot of expat yogis that claim to be very enlightened. I get frustrated and sad when I see spirituality used as a way to not take responsibility. For example, you have a lunch date with someone and they never show up, you text them and they say, “I was in a deep meditation and couldn’t leave the house “. They don’t apologize; they use spirituality as a way to do whatever they feel with no regard for someone else. I believe the foundation of spirituality and human decency is to take responsibility, be able to apologize and show respect for other people.

YD: €¨Where do you see yourself in the  industry in 5 years?
GS: I’m not a five-year down the road kind of gal. I’m a day by day, step by step, follow the synchronicities, listen to your inner guidance system kind of lady. So I couldn’t say. I do know I’ll have finished the book I’m currently writing and maybe another.

YD: What is your life motto?
GS: “Confused Girl, find your true nature. ” This will always be my motto because aligning with the trusted part of ourselves is a life long journey.

Photo credit:   Stella Gioulou