Crow Pose Bakasana

Crow Pose Bakasana

Crow pose, or bakasana, is an arm balance that’s both empowering and challenging at the same time. The name comes from the posture of a cawing crow. The two names for the asana come from the Sanskrit words baka ( “crane “) or kak ( “crow “), and asana meaning “posture ” or “seat. ” It’s relatively easy to achieve, though it may look advanced at first sight. You will likely see crow pose performed in an all-levels yoga class and perhaps be surprised at your ability to do it with a little practice.


Crow pose strengthens the wrist, forearms and abdomen; improves balance and focus. Plus, it’s super fun to try and a great party trick!


  1. Start with feet about hip width apart and bend the knees deep into a low yoga squat.
  2. Place the hands on the mat about shoulder width apart.
  3. Place the knees on to the back of the upper arms and shift the weight slightly forward.
  4. Keep your head lifted and take one foot off of the floor at a time until you are balancing with both feet up!

Have some fun with this! If you are experienced with it, try some variations like lifting one leg up, or taking a jump back to Chataruanga, a low push up position. Some practitioners like to take a jump from Downward Facing Dog into Crow pose, or flow from crow to headstand and back!

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