Yoga Digest Best New Products for Yogis On-The-Go

Yoga Digest Best New Products for Yogis On-The-Go

K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Sweetie. Whether it’s in between yoga classes, exploring the world or just trying to simplify everyday life, yogis are always looking for new ways to be efficient. Yogis know overall wellness works from the inside out. Check out this list of incredible ways to stay grounded even when you’re on-the-go. Stay warm, protected and energized whether you’re in the mountains or by sea. Find a yoga teacher, relieve sore tired muscles and keep things neat and clean no matter where you land.

Raw Elements

On-the-go Sun Protection

Raw Elements Eco Stick is an on-the-go solution for serious sun protection. Non GMO Project Verified, Leaping Bunny Certified and Reef Safe so it’s safe for you and the environment! Not only does this stick offer water resistant, balanced UV physical protection beyond 80 minutes, but it can be applied under water! With the easy applicator, it can be worn heavy and opaque, or rubbed completely into skin. Keep this stick handy as you head off on your next adventure. EWG #1 Rated and packed with biologically active antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and extracts, it continues protecting your skin long after environmental exposure.


Bottle Stopper

Sipsee is the only patented, universal, reusable and fun way to identify and protect bottles and reduce waste. The new BPA-free and sanitary bottle stopper enables people to easily avoid wasting bottled beverages by providing a distinguishing and portable stopper that can be personalized by each individual user based on color, sports team, company brand, etc. Perfect for yoga retreats and vacations, with Sipsee there is no question about who’s water bottle is whose. Sipsee is manufactured in the U.S. and is a high-quality, safe product.


Hemp Extract

Try Hemp Extract Yoga! Non-psychoactive hemp extract products have hit the mats as valued vitality supplements. While most hemp products are made from seed, Hemplify contains green hemp stalk extract, with terpenes, essential oils, and other hemp plant constituents. Hemplify has 8.5 mg of hemp extract in each 10 oz bottle, in two tasty flavors. Sugar-free, vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO, Hemplify delivers 9x the electrolytes of major sports drinks, 100% daily value of vitamins C, B12 & D, plus 6 other vitamins and 200 mg Omega 3. So, before the first asana, and after savasana, Hemplify! Bliss, complete. Namaste.

Born Skincare

Sore Muscle Oil

The Source For Muscles by Born Skincare is the perfect solution for yogis to assist with breathing during your practice, and for sore muscles. A blend of organic muscadine oil and eucalyptus oil and menthol, this oil is perfect to apply after a tough workout to restore muscles and/or reduce inflammation. You can also apply The Source For Muscles to pulse points before a practice to help with breathing flow. Dab on a light layer of oil on sore areas twice daily and massage into the skin to experience the nourishing benefits and allow your muscles to relax. Most importantly, this healing oil contains no harmful ingredients.   $35 at

GoPure Pod

On-the-go Water Purifier

The GoPure Pod is changing the way the world drinks water by continually purifying and enhancing your tap water on the go. Just drop this wine cork-sized pod into any bottle, pitcher or glass for clean, healthy and great-tasting water to not only fuel you through that yoga class, but to also reduce the use of plastic bottles, saving the environment! The pod filters lead, E.Coli, chromium, among many other impurities. Each pod lasts up to 6 months, treating up to 264 gallons of water. Available at for $24.95.

Easypose Mobile App

Bring the Yoga Studio to You

Yoga on Your Terms at Your Place. Based in Los Angeles, Easypose is a tech-driven startup that lets you book a certified yoga teacher directly to your home or office via a web site and mobile app. The service is available is California and the Tri-State New York area with over 1000 teachers in its network. Easypose makes yoga more accessible, convenient and affordable and is a perfect supplement to your studio and home yoga practice. Get one-on-one professional instruction and on-demand service. Maintain your fitness on your terms, with your Easypose account and our easy booking tool. Finally you can point, click, pose. Bring the Yoga Studio to You.

nicepipes apparel

Performance Leg & Arm Warmers

Lisa Binderow, a former YogaWorks yoga instructor turned Shark Tank entrepreneur, was inspired to create nicepipes on a brutally cold morning on the way to the yoga studio. Teaching yoga & running around the city in cold weather required seriously warm layers; Lisa’s cropped yoga pants and legwarmers of the past just weren’t cutting it. She created nicepipes – performance leg & arm warmers made from the same fabric as yoga pants so they can be worn before, during, and after class. An activewear brand made in the USA, nicepipes are made from sweat-wicking fabric, offering compression, no slippage, and 50+ UV protection. Born from a personal need, but shared by many, nicepipes are the first performance enhancing option of leg and arm warmers designed for the fit and fashionable.

Coral Magnesium Fizz

Mineral Supplement

Muscle cramps “cramping ” your style? Make sure your magnesium and potassium intake is on point with new Coral LLC Coral Mag Fizz – a tasty beverage enhancer that provides an ideal daily measure of the powerful essential mineral duo known to provide muscle cramp relief. Available in a delectable and effervescent natural lemon-lime flavor, Coral Mag Fizz conveniently adds 300 mg (75%DV) of magnesium and 500 mg potassium (14% DV) to your drinking water or favorite beverage. New Coral Mag Fizz is available in a 6.4-ounce container (30 servings) for $19.95. Visit to purchase or locate a nearby retailer.