5 Best Natural Remedies for Healthy Hair

5 Best Natural Remedies for Healthy Hair

Most women, and even some men, love growing long hair. Although it can be put into different styles, there is nothing appealing like having long, healthy hair. People who like having long and healthy dreads have to learn various means to cope with hair loss. Such persons are after all helpful means to quickly grow their hair in order to deal with this frustrating issue. Unluckily, it can be quite difficult to grow your hair to the desired length. To grow your hair, you must be patient for months before you can notice the change. While scientists and doctors are still looking for easier ways to grow hair, here are 5 best natural remedies for healthy hair.

1.   Beer
Beer is an alcoholic beverage commonly sold in bar and only a few are aware that it can induce hair growth and improve the skin. It is safe and simple without risks of side effects or reactions. Researchers have shown that beer contains a natural ingredient called silica, a mineral renowned to add volume to the hair and make it thicker. This means beer can add volume to your hair and enhance its growth. Other essential nutrients in beer that promote hair growth include phosphorous, iron, copper, magnesium and B vitamins. There is no specific way through which beer can be used to promote hair growth.
Beer rinse: Cleanse you hair with mild shampoo and then wash with beer instead of the conditioner. Ensure that it reaches the scalp and leave it covered with a towel for about 30 minutes before rinsing with water.
Beer in hair masks: Use beer in your homemade masks instead of water when preparing your hair. Prepare masks using natural products that stimulate hair growth and add beer for better results.
Take a bottle: Having a bottle of beer now and then can be beneficial to your hair. However, don’t overdo it if you are non-alcoholic, expectant or lactating.

2.   Indian Gooseberry
Also known as Amla, the Indian gooseberry oil has many health benefits partially attributed to its high vitamin C. It promotes healthier hair and increases skin health. Indian gooseberry is used in many hair tonics as it enriches hair growth and hair pigmentation. It strengthens hair strands at their roots while improving growth and hair color. You can either eat fresh gooseberry or apply its paste directly on your scalp to maintain color or improve luster. In India, gooseberry has gained popularity due to its ability in preventing hair loss and baldness. Its credit is due to high carotene content and antioxidant capacity in fighting free radicals that damage hair follicles or trigger hormonal changes leading to hair loss.

3. Green Tea and Egg Hair Mask
Green tea is increasingly becoming popular, credit to its strong antioxidant properties essential in preventing hair loss and promote hair growth. For hundreds of years, eggs have been used for achieving stronger and striking hair. Eggs are rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Thoroughly mix freshly prepared strong green tea with an egg yolk until you get a creamy consistency. Part your hair from the center and apply this mask before covering your head with a shower cap. Leave it for 30 minutes and then wash with water. Then treat your hair as usual with shampoo followed by conditioner and moisturizer.

4.   Coconut Oil
Most people from coastal and tropical regions across the world boast of shinny and thick hair, credit to properties of coconut oil. Coconut oil is obtained from mature fruits of coconut trees. It is not only good for your hair, but also for your skin. Coconut oil benefits on hair include:
Stimulates hair growth and penetrates deeper into follicles.
Improves the health of scalp and fight problems like insect bites, dandruff and lice.
Moisturizes hair, adds luster, shine, and makes it soft.
Prevents breakages and split ends, making it longer.
Slows hair loss
For maximum results, apply coconut oil directly on your scalp and hair. Comb it through your hair to ensure that it reaches all strands. It is advisable to warm coconut oil prior to applying it to your hair. Leave it overnight and wash it with a shampoo in the morning.

5.   Honey
Honey is not new in hair treatments and has been used for many years across the world. Honey has strong antioxidant properties, fungicidal and germicidal properties, and wax, making it ideal for conditioning and preventing hair loss. It might sound messy to massage your scalp and hair with honey, but it is exactly what you should do if your goal is to stop or prevent hair loss. You can use honey for fighting hair loss in combination with other natural ingredients. It is an ideal treatment for people prone to balding.

You don’t have to always go for expensive treatments to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. You can get more attractive, longer and stronger hair using any of these 5 homemade recipes that are pocket friendly. Since they are all natural, there are no risks of side effects, yet they have been shown to be effective through scientific researches.