Demystifying Meditation

What hinders your practice?   Though the effect of a dedicated meditation practice is equanimity; it’s ironic that for most students at the onset of meditation, the mind resists with the

Breaking Boundaries to Teach Online

Times have changed, and teaching yoga has changed too. Not that long ago, we connected with our students in person and online yoga was something that other people did. Not

Hello Healthy Summer

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20-30 Minute Yoga Routines for: Stress Relief & Better Sleep

Anxiety is the body’s response to stress. 77% of people suffer from stress and of those 73% will become even deeper rooted psychological disorders. Anxiety, depression and disease are all

Yoga is for every body and everybody

“Yoga is for every body and everybody,” my teacher Ali Cramer says to our packed and attentive yoga class in New York City.” I look around the room and see so

How to Do Yoga and Weightlifting Supersets

Yoga and weightlifting supersets are no joke, to be candid. This workout is impactful and enables you to save a lot of time in the gym. You often see people

6 Empowering Yoga Poses To Get You Through A Hard Day

We all have days when nothing seems to be going the right. Often, both mind and body can feel the effects of that hard day. Your shoulders begin to hunch

Are You Part Of The 46%?

The COVID-19 pandemic has rocked the entire world to its core. Things we all took for granted, like visiting loved ones or going to Happy Hour after work, now seem

Keep Moving and Stay Healthy with these 5 Amazing items

We believe in shopping smart. Check out some great new products you purchase without the guilt!

What Ignites the Spark of Transformation in Yoga?

What ignites the spark of transformation in yoga? The simple answer is philosophy.   The transformative effects of yoga are nearly impossible to describe because they are entirely subjective. Each