Flip your Perspective w/ Aerial Yoga!

Flip your Perspective w/ Aerial Yoga!

You’ve probably heard that gravity accelerates the aging process, but do you  know what slows it down? Flipping upside down. By taking your feet above your  heart, you unlock an abundance of health benefits that can only be reached by  ascending off your yoga mat and into an aerial hammock or silks set.

Aerial Yoga has been around for a while;  however, few people still know about the  benefits that come with an aerial practice.  As a registered aerial yoga teacher, I have  seen the benefits, in my students, that  range from strength, to weight loss, to  reduced spinal pain, to more energy  throughout the day, and better sleep!

There are even more benefits that you may  not be able to see with your eye, too.  Benefits like pumping freshly-oxygenated  blood through your body and systems. By  simply practicing daily inversions, you can  improve your Venous return. The Venous  return is when your body processes fluids, in an efficient manner. Sometimes, due  to gravity and strain, our blood can become stagnant, affecting proper blood and  oxygen flow to cells, and this can lead to toxic build-up. By flipping upside down,  in a supported way, you help repair any stagnation that may exist in your body.

Who likes feeling stuck? Nobody does, which is why a consistent aerial practice  could be the best addition to your fall season.  Feel the need to decompress? So does your spine. We spend a lot of our  days upright, and as we continue to age, the constant compression on our spine  starts to lead to pain. Weak core muscles can add to this strain, and even create  chronic illness and pain that makes life even more stressful for us. The  compression squeezes the nerves and arteries in between the spinal disks. This  also leads to herniated disks, nerve pain, and reduced energy flow. So, let’s  decompress a bit -take a deep inhale, lean into the aerial hammock, and as you  exhale, let go and invert. Ahhh … As you continue to hang and breathe, your body  starts to decompress, which allows for all of the toxins to flow out and all of the  good stuff to start working. Our bodies are made up of roughly 65-70% water,  which makes us more susceptible to the gravitational pull. Shifting the pull, and  the cellular pathways through inversions allow us to support our body and its  systems.

Flipping upside  down also supports  better heart and brain functionality  by  increasing that blood and  oxygen flow to our cells,  as mentioned above;  however, students have  claimed better moods,  and a boost in mental  wellness, with regular  aerial practice.

Depression, anxiety,  fatigue, stiffness, and headaches have all been mentioned, by students, as  conditions that have seen improvement with a regular inversion practice. Get a jump start  on any holiday stress or strain, by flipping upside down, and supporting  improved health.

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