Rest + Recharge: 6 Restorative Yoga Poses to do on Cold Winter Nights

Rest + Recharge: 6 Restorative Yoga Poses to do on Cold Winter Nights

Winter is a time of rest and relaxation. The days are shorter, the nights are longer, and our bodies are craving time to relax and rest in this time of darkness and silence. Traditionally, winter is the time of the year where we turn inward, let our bodies slow down and hibernate on dark and cozy nights so we can be ready for the rebirth and regeneration of life that comes with spring. And to honor our bodies during this time the practice of restorative yoga is ideal to help you find that relaxation and stillness our bodies crave on cold winter nights. For this practice you will need a blanket and two pillows or bolsters (pillows from your bed or couch are fine.)

1. Easy Seated Pose (3-5 minutes)
Come to an easy seated position with one or two pillows under your hips. Place your hands on thighs palms up and take a mental scan of your body, softening areas of tension as you focus on the natural rhythm of your breath.

2. Supported Child’s Pose ( 2-4 minutes)
Take your blanket under your knees and 1-2 pillows under your chest for support. Feel the breath move down into your low back as you settle into stillness. Turn your head to the other side halfway through

3. Supported Wide Angle (3-5 minutes)
Take your legs wide and round your spine as you fold forward. Add more pillows if necessary and soften your spin as you breathe into your hips.

4. Legs up the wall (3-5 minutes)
Lay on your back and slide your pillows under your hips and lift your legs go up towards the sky. (You can also put your legs up a wall instead.) Feel your body melt into the mat and send the breath to the tips of the toes.

5. Supported supine twist (3-5 minutes each side)
Take a pillow between your knees, bring your arms out to the side of your body. Drop your legs to one side to settle into a twist. Allow your awareness to focus on your naval as you breathe gently in this twist. Switch sides at the halfway point.

6. Savasana ( 5-10 minutes)
Place one pillow under your knees, one under your head, and a blanket on your body. Get cozy and feel where your body meets the floor. Everytime you exhale, feel yourself move closer to stillness and relaxation. Tell yourself three times I am at rest, I am at peace, I am still. Sink into a place of stillness and surrender.