Thoughts…by 4 Yoga Moms

LAURA KASPERZAK, @laurasykora

“Find time each day for yourself … even if it’s 5 minutes each morning while drinking your tea or coffee or 5 minutes before you close your eyes to sleep. Check in with your body, your breath and your mind.  Allowing yourself to find a moment’s peace each day will help you keep a more level head when juggling family and work.”

JENNY DEAN, @getdeanfit_

 “My kids know that when mommy rolls out her mat it is yoga time! I have a son that is seven and a girl that is five. They both have their own mats. When I ask them what their favorite part of doing yoga with mommy is their answer is that “they get to spend time with me”;) I play music from my phone and we get into a zone. I know they will eventually get older and not want to share this special time with me on our mats. So I cherish every second of it. We warm-up with cat and cows and then do some headstands. I have them help each other get into poses. I know they are getting something out of it by the way they talk to their friends about it. That is pretty cool! I know that they are both learning how to use their bodies in a healthy way. Yoga also helps them physically, it enhances their flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness. In addition, their concentration and sense of calmness and relaxation. Any type of physical activity is great for kids confidence and self esteem. I also believe in teaching breathing techniques at a young age. They can use these through out their day when they are stressed or upset.”


“As mothers we are always on the run and multitasking. Taking the time to focus on myself even for a little while each day through yoga, deep breathing and relaxation techniques not only helps me as a person but actually helps me more as a mom. Motherhood usually means having an unlimited supply of patience, tolerance and energy. By focusing on my body and mind, it allows me to feel rejuvenated for all those questions, endless energy, and lack of sleep. It allows me to enjoy and appreciate the big smiles, infectious giggles and sticky hugs, which are the best part of motherhood.”

Jessica East,

“Babies are born yogis.   They approach everything with curiosity, love and light.   They crave movement in their bodies like we do.   When we get on the mat together, it’s a happy place for both of us.”


Sunshine Jacobson

Mompreneur tip: “There is so much pressure on our youth today, having a yoga practice to relieve the stress is essential.  The physical and mental health benefits of yoga for children is incredible and it is a great activity to do as a family. Our family practices together regularly at home, in our studios and we even find the time to practice on our family holidays! Being a mother has always been my number one focus in life. I know that creating thoughtful, intelligent, and caring individuals to go out into the world and make it a better place is my most important legacy.  I feel beyond grateful that I was able to create a business that not only teaches my children important life skills but also helps change the lives of many who experience Poe!”

Janet Stone, @janetstoneyoga

“Somehow, a heavy weight of guilt seems to show up for most mothers even before the child is born. We analyze how well we’re sleeping, what we put in our bodies, our genetic legacy, age, and so on and so forth. We’re told all of this will have a massive and life-altering effect on this new pristine life. As if we’re already ruining it by being human.”