Summer Wellness List

Summer Wellness List

The days are hot and long!   This can wear on your well-being.   It’s so important to stay healthy, hydrated, relaxed and pain-free to enjoy the best summer has to offer.   Yoga Digest has some great ideas to help you feel your best all summer (and all year) long!   We love products with a story, great intention, and of course, that set the bar for wellness in a world of saturated, gimmicky items.   Take a look at some of the best items on the market for holistic health and well-being!

Migrastil Migraine Stick

Essential Oil Aromatherapy

This little roll-on really takes the edge off migraine and tension headaches.   Made with pure essential oils, Migraine Stick’s cooling relief works in minutes. And it’s easy to use. Simply apply to your temples and the back of your neck at the first signs of pain. Migraine Stick gives you all natural relief in the palm of your hand without side effects.   If you suffer from migraines or tension headaches, you need this! Available at Use code DIGEST10 for 10% off your next order.   Migraine Stick is vegan and certified 100% cruelty free.


Oil Free Reed Diffuser

Give your space a refresh with the eco-friendly modern air care solution,! Made from natural tree resin & infused with a powerful odor neutralizing formula  Alio offers  Oil Free Reed Diffusers  and on the go  Freshener Pouches  dedicated to eliminating odor and freshening the air around you. Available in 6 subtle fragrances that won’t overpower the senses,  Alio Oil Free Reed Diffusers  are perfect  for smaller spaces like the, bathroom or bedside table while  Alio Scented Freshener Pouches  are a fabulous solution for not so fresh, laundry baskets, yoga mat bags, backpacks & gym bags! Made in the USA.


Limited Edition Water Bottle

Nalgene, the “OG ” reusable water bottle that likely conjures up memories of summer camp turns 70 this year! To celebrate, the iconic brand that created the water bottle category has created a limited-edition commemorative bottle available in in two colors, Clementine and Olive, at for $11.99.   Nalgene containers started as lab equipment in 1949 as part of the Nalge Company in Rochester, NY. For decades Nalgene has been a part of consumer culture, from the Boy Scouts to the ; and from establishing color and fun in the reusable water bottle industry to driving change and increasing awareness that to reduce, one must reuse.   A concept that continues on today everytime someone refills their Nalgene!

Canviva CBD

Pure Certified CBD Oil

Try CANVIVA™ CBD For Your Summer Wellness Routine

CBD is the beneficial cannabinoid derived from industrial hemp, which may help with anxiety, enhance sleep, ease after-workout muscle soreness, and support other health issues.    CANVIVA, the only brand to offer superior quality  , is  made with  phytocannabinoid-rich full spectrum CBD oil which is organically grown in the U.S. CANVIVA tinctures  are enhanced with functional ingredients to promote wellness, such  as  essential oil of  lavender, ginger, and ylang ylang.    Save 10%  with promo code YOGADIGEST10.  

The Heart Journal

A Guide to a Stronger Heart Connection

The heart has a profound capacity to guide us -an intuition that, if we listen, can point us toward true happiness. Developed by Ayurveda practitioner and heart expert Suyogi Gessner, The Heart Journal is your companion on the journey to your heart connection. Immerse yourself in quizzes, stories and teachings to gain grounding in the power of the “heartset. ” Then, use our prompts to deepen your journey in a way that works for you -always with us cheering you on. Every feature of this premium journal is as special as your heart connection itself. You deserve only the best.

Simple Soulful Sacred

A passionate exploration of simplicity

Simple Soulful Sacred:  A Woman’s Guide to Clarity, Comfort and Coming Home to Herself, provides women fresh insights for liberating themselves from their over-busy lives by embracing the tenets of a simple, more meaningful, soulful, life. Best-selling author, Megan Dalla-Camina’s premise is that with a fast-paced existence becoming a new normal, many women are struggling to find a balance between their personal and professional lives. Lost in the struggle is the time and clarity to pave a clear path to achieving their goals and vision of a better self. Simple Soulful Sacred is now available for purchase on .