5 Heart-Healthy Foods to Work into Your Diet

Heart problems are deemed to be some of the leading causes of death. According to the Center for Disease and Control and Prevention(CDC), one person dies from cardiovascular disease every

Why Yoga Should Be Integrated On The Curriculum?

Yoga is a well-known physical and mental practice that has experienced a considerable increase in popularity during the last couple of decades. Despite being on the wave of hype at

Demystifying Meditation

What hinders your practice?   Though the effect of a dedicated meditation practice is equanimity; it’s ironic that for most students at the onset of meditation, the mind resists with the

Breaking Boundaries to Teach Online

Times have changed, and teaching yoga has changed too. Not that long ago, we connected with our students in person and online yoga was something that other people did. Not

Unconventional Sleep Hacks from a Bedding CEO

Sleep Naked I spend about a third of my life naked. But I’m not some kind of exhibitionist—I sleep naked. I would never have thought of it, growing up in

Hello Healthy Summer

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What is the true meaning of Reiki?

I knew Reiki before “I knew Reiki” We are all capable of providing Reiki healing. This is not something that is commonly addressed because if just anyone can give Reiki,

Mental Health Month Tips: Women’s Worth

Women’s lives are busier than ever these days and unfortunately, taking care of ourselves mentally often slips to the bottom of the to-do list. But, mental health and wellbeing deserve

How to Beat Your Lock-down Cravings with Online Coupons

Food cravings are intense, uncontrollable urges to eat certain foods, something that is stronger than normal hunger. Being at home over the lockdown period could result in the temptation to

Coffee vs. Tea: Which is Healthier?

Coffee or tea? That is the big question, isn’t it? A warm cup of tea can have you feeling very much relaxed after a possibly very stressful day while a