Robert Sturman:  Yoga Digest Now Podcast

Robert Sturman: Yoga Digest Now Podcast

There are photographers and there are Photographers.   is in a with his eye for capturing humanity, inclusivity, diversity and beauty.  What an absolute joy to catch up with him recently and learn about how he got started, what inspires him and even some simple tips on capturing great shots!  He shares some insight on some of his most powerful work and the importance staying true to yourself in all that you do.

Hear the story behind this photo  and why it’s Robert’s favorite.

From the to Scars are Beautiful, First Responders and The Africa Yoga Project, his work comes from the soul. He has redefined photography for our time and broken barriers of what is considered beautiful.  Robert celebrates all of humanity. and listen for more behind the scenes of a trailblazing artist!


Featured image:    Titled “Artemis”, in the photo is  Elizabeth Corwin. She was a pilot in the Navy, now a yoga teacher.