Energy Boost From the Inside Out

Energy Boost From the Inside Out

“The sun shines not on us. But in us. ” ~John Muir

We as humans tend to become drained on busyness, ambition with high expectations, mental and emotional strain – all of which deplete vitality. Cultivating your inner spark – your true beauty – requires just the opposite: self-nurture, stress management, and keeping your energy levels replenished.

Our inner glow is fueled by ojas, a term that refers to the body’s internal energy reserves. It’s the element in yoga known as kapha, the stabilizing water-earth element. Like oil in a lamp, ojas is the juice that sustains our fierier physical and mental energy, our drive and passion. When replenished regularly, ojas manifests outwardly in glowing skin, bright eyes, and silky hair. Inwardly, it helps your nervous and immune system thrive and promotes peaceful emotions such as gratitude and contentment. Ojas helps promote stable moods and helps us handle stress with grace and ease.

We must protect that vibrant life force and fill up our inner reserve to cultivate balance in our hectic lives. That means building quiet, calming practices and moments into every day to allow our bodies and minds to settle down and process our experiences. It starts with lifestyle choices. Stress, poor diet and lack of sleep all have tangible effects on your health.

Here’s a few ways to cultivate your ojas

1)Create a morning ritual. Try spending a few minutes setting an intention for the day. The mind doesn’t always have to come first when you start your day.

2) Nourish dry skin with oils and lotions. Drink plenty of water. Stay hydrated in every way.

3) Be mindful of what you eat and how you eat. Conscious eating practices will promote healthy digestion. Eat good for you fats and foods like: ghee, milk, basmati rice, honey, almonds, and dates all directly nourish ojas.

4)Find a little silence. Relaxation and quiet time to give your senses a rest.

The best part of having ample ojas is that it encourages peace and contentment. “Authentic beauty is revealed less through how you look than through your energetic presence. “