3 Ways to Make Yourself a Morning Person

3 Ways to Make Yourself a Morning Person

There’s something about early mornings and the idea of being up before the rest of the world is something that I have always loved.   Mornings signify a clean slate, a fresh start, an entirely new day that is yours to write. Everyone knows a morning person, that person who springs out of bed before their alarm making a 6am yoga or spin class seem like an effortless sunrise sweat session. What we don’t realize is that with just a few adjustments of the mind mixed with some will and effort, anyone can become a morning person.

You know the “resolution fever ” that sweeps society when the New Year comes around? When we vow to make the next 365 days better than the last, to drop old habits that no longer serve us and integrate those that enhance our wellbeing? This feeling that overcomes us as each year comes to a close and we can almost view the New Year on the horizon, is something we can manifest not just every new year, but every new morning.

Here are 3 adjustments of the mind that will kickstart your efforts to becoming a morning person:

1) Reframe the way you perceive yourself.

First things first, being a morning person is a frame of mind rather than an element of one’s character. Far too often we let our thoughts of doubt and negativity get in the way of cultivating new habits. The self-fulfilling prophecy is a real thing people and if you are dead set on the fact that getting up early for a sunrise workout or meditation session is not going to happen, then chances are it’s not going to happen. Our minds are incredibly powerful tools and it is up to us to utilize them in a way that creates positive change and action in our lives. Change your thoughts and you’ll change your life. If you can reframe the ways in which you view yourself and that which you are capable of, you might be pleasantly surprised at how easily you too could spring out of bed for that 6am yoga class.

2) Set a morning affirmation.

Setting a positive affirmation to begin each morning is a great way to center your focus on the new day ahead while letting go of the pieces of yesterday that no longer need to take up space in your beautiful mind. Morning affirmations such as ‘I am healthy and strong today ‘ or ‘I am grateful for my health and energy today’ may serve as a reminder of gratitude and provide you with the extra dose of personal motivation you need to get out of bed and greet the day.

3) Make yourself a priority.

As someone who just recently entered the 9-5 schedule of the real life world, I have come to find that the reality is more along the lines of 9-7 and by the time you get home, working out or doing any sort of productive activity is about the last thing you want to do. From full time jobs to the moms and dads of the world who truly have ’round the clock jobs, making yourself a priority can be tough, if not impossible. Utilizing the morning as designated “me time ” is a great way to ensure you can fit in the activities that often get deprioritized as additional work obligations or random happenings of life come up last minute.

That’s not to say it won’t be easier for some than others. The fact of the matter is that some people arise each morning bright eyed and energized while others have to draw on inner determination and willpower to avoid hitting the snooze button on repeat. The ability to check something off of your to do list, or even just to have a few additional minutes each morning to relax and reflect all before the sun is up, is a pretty incredible feeling and allows us to thrive throughout the day ahead. So go for it, give that whole morning person thing a shot; the only obstacle in your way is you.

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