The Art of Self Care through Yoga

The Art of Self Care through Yoga

“Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers ‘Grow, Grow. ” ~Talmund

Know Your True Self

We must revolutionize the rules of society that have us believe self care is selfish. To begin we need to look at our personal health and happiness by understanding that self care isn’t selfish. Ultimately each person must develop their own relationship with the self to weave together the threads of the body, mind and soul. Yoga is a great form of self care. Yoga practice is about healing the self through self discovery and self acceptance. It’s a transformational practice that strengthens the life force within. It teaches us to overcome internal and external obstacles that come with everyday life. When we practice yoga, we sleep and digest better and we maintain a more balanced emotional and mental state of being with presence and poignancy.

The practice of yoga restores trust in our felt experience of being alive and dispels fears that we must control our bodies and hide our natural rhythms by leading a life that’s aligned with the cycles of the universe and that is guided from your heart by:

  • Honoring yourself,
  • Trusting yourself,
  • Celebrating yourself,
  • Meeting yourself where you are,
  • Meeting yourself how you are.

Our moods and energy levels wax and wane like the moon, ebb and flow like the tides, flourish and decay like the seasons. Living in harmony with these cycles strengthens us, makes us wiser, and heals us. Denying them weakens our spirits, our bodies and our connection to life itself. Yoga teaches us that an organic tempo stirs in human bodies and souls in the earth.

  • We must learn the following tools for personal self care:
  • Simplicity,
  • Slowing down,
  • Aligning with nature’s cycles,
  • Living from the inside out.

Healing ourselves through yoga requires aligning our relationship to the universal rhythm. You have to participate daily in the manifestation of your own happiness. Remind yourself that you deserve self care to maintain being whole, healthy and happy. Practicing yoga helps to remind yourself that you matter, which can greatly improve so many aspects of your life, as you will invest in yourself, from getting better mattresses and for sleeping, to eating healthier.


With eyes closed and hands in prayer, begin to breathe. With each exhale, focus on releasing all that needs to be let go of in order to make space for new and evolving intentions. Let go of that which no longer serves a higher purpose. Exhale self judgment, inhale self love. Open your eyes to the great beauty and promise of peace around you.