5 Things Your Yoga Teacher Wants To Tell You

5 Things Your Yoga Teacher Wants To Tell You


1. We are not perfect either

I know you consider us as the epitome of knowledge and inner peace but guess what? We are humans – and that means work in progress too.

We too, have our moments of frustrations, of lows, of imperfections, of times we just want to burst out or want to cry. It happens to all of us and you are not alone. But with the practice of yoga (which includes asana practice, pranayama and meditation), we are able to bounce out of it quicker and faster. Our resilience increases and so does our capacity to absorb and release stress faster. So it’s not that we are button proof, it’s just that we may know how to manage them better.

2. It takes time, consistency and practice

We did not master our forearm stand or get into headstand overnight – or even in a matter of months. It took us years of practice to reach where we are – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Your yoga asana is not just about your physical mastery and stability in the pose. It is about how calm, stable and present your mind is in the moment too, how ‘flowing’ your emotions are in the pose as well. When all three are in harmony in the moment, then it is yoga. It won’t happen overnight but if you practice consistently – with love, compassion, consistency and patience – it can happen anytime.

3. Don’t go where it hurts go but where it is uncomfortable

When you go beyond your comfort zone, that is where yoga and the necessity of yoga begins. Your yoga journey (and all the other things in your life) need effort but NOT struggle. Remember that and use it to let go of things that are necessary and give you the courage to pursue you dreams.

4. It’s about technique and not (only) power

Often people who are strong in the arms or the core wonder why they cannot go or stay into a yoga pose. Or they become too overconfident and stride into a pose, often hurting and injuring themselves while going in or out. Hence, it is important to understand that the technique of getting into, holding and getting out of a pose is more important than body strength. Some students, who although may not have the ideal BMI or arm strength are still able to do a certain pose because of the minor adjustments, alignment and techniques, while others with great progress still cannot because of this reason.

5. And in the entire journey…love yourself

Yoga is not just a practice on a mat. It’s a way of life. The diet you eat, the thoughts you cultivate, the actions you perform are all part of the yoga journey. They all compliment each other. Your tendencies of thoughts and actions on the yoga mats often reflect what we do in real life. If we can change on the mat, we can learn to be more mindful in life too. The crucial step however, is to accept and actively practice kindness, compassion and love with yourself. Only when you love the movements, capacities and limitations of your body and mind completely and wholly, will you be able to stretch beyond yourself to learn and grown in ways you never thought possible.