Give Your Age a Halt With These 5 Natural  Remedies

Give Your Age a Halt With These 5 Natural Remedies

You won’t mind sparing 20 minutes of your day, if I say it can help you look much younger than your age. No, we are not talking about the expensive botox and face lifts surgeries, but some very simple facial exercises which won’t take much of your time and will give you something much more worthy – your young wrinkle-free skin.
We know you are keen to know about those magical exercises, so we will straightaway move towards discussing all of them.
1) Fight forehead lines
Squinting has negative effects on the muscles around your eyes and forehead. So we will do exactly the opposite for a smoother forehead. All you need to do is, widen your eyes as much as possible such that the whites of your eyes are exposed. Hold this position for one minute. This will negate the effects of squinting on your face.
Your eyes may start to water, but consider it a way to clear your eyes of toxins.

2) Don’t let your eyelids droop
This exercise will help you work on the drooping eyelids, crow lines and puffiness around eyes. Puffiness bothers girls of every age. So, this is what you should do – with the middle fingers of both the hands, press the inner corner of your eyebrows and with the index fingers, press the outer corner. Look upwards towards the ceiling and then relax.
Repeat this for 5-6 more times and shut your eyes, in a squeezing manner in the end, for 10 seconds.

3) Firm your cheeks
With age, the skin on the cheeks becomes thinner and the cheeks start to appear hollow. To avoid this, just follow this simple exercise. Breathe in a lot of air through your mouth and hold it in your mouth, with cheeks puffed out for a few seconds. Then breathe out.
This will strengthen cheek muscles and firm your cheeks.

4) Eliminate laugh lines
To lift the labial folds and make your cheeks more rounded and lifted, smile with your teeth showing. Then press the creases between the nose and the lips with your fingertips. Lift your muscles up, while applying resistance downwards with your fingertips.
This will restore your youthful cheeks, without going for injectable fillers.

5) Do away with loose neck skin
To remove the horizontal lines and wrinkles on the neck, press the tip of your tongue on the ceiling of your mouth. Then while looking upwards, try to swallow.
This will stretch the muscles of the neck and chin and prevent them from the effects of aging.