3 Teachings of Hanumanasana for the Year of the Red Fire Monkey

3 Teachings of Hanumanasana for the Year of the Red Fire Monkey

With a flourish, this Chinese New Year brings us into the playful realm of the Red Fire Monkey. Said to be a year for taking chances, stepping out of the comfort zone, and creating from the heart, this year promises to be anything but boring!

Our favorite monkey in the yoga world is Hanuman, the monkey superhero that Hanumanasana, or Monkey Pose, is named for. Practicing hanumanasana and working with the teachings of Hanuman is the perfect way to bring you into alignment with the opportunities the Year of the Red Fire Monkey brings.

1. Hanumanasana invites us to take a courageous leap of faith.

Otherwise known as the splits pose, hanumanasana models the great leaps that Hanuman accomplished out of his devotion to Lord Ram. In one such story, Ram’s brother Laksmana lay wounded and dying. The only herb that could save him was far away in the Himalayas. In one single leap, Hanuman soared into the unknown, reached the Himalayas and returned in another monumental bound with the healing herb, all in time to save Laksmana.

The year of the Red Fire Monkey asks us to take Hanuman-style leaps of faith into the unknown so that we can truly create what we want in our lives and make a difference for those we love. That dream that you’ve been too afraid to go after …now is the time to take the leap of faith and fly towards it.

2. Hanumanasana teaches us to believe in ourselves.

Hanuman was such a mischievous little monkey and he was constantly getting into trouble for the whimsical ways he used his strength and other super powers. Finally, the Gods had enough and decided to wipe Hanuman’s memory so that he forgot that he had any super powers at all.

As Hanuman grew, he faced great challenges that he did not think he was strong enough to overcome. Ultimately, through connecting with what was most important to him, Hanuman found the courage to believe in himself and accomplish the heroic deeds he is celebrated for.

In the same way, we may think that hanumanasana (or any other yoga asana or challenging task in life) is totally outside the realm of possibility for us. But with consistent practice and kindness towards ourselves we can powerfully practice meeting ourselves where we are in this asana. That is great yoga. That is what the year of the Red Fire Monkey is all about!

3. Hanumanasana encourages us to be playful and lighthearted like a monkey.

What are you leaping for? Let your imagination soar as you practice hanumanasana. The divine image of Sita and Ram is found within Hanuman’s heart. What is found in your heart? Let your heart soften and embody your great love. Notice how you feel practicing hanumanasana from your heart. Ask yourself, “What would a monkey do? ”

In this year of the Red Fire Monkey, invite your inner monkey out to play, on and off the mat. Dare to dream of the impossible, face your fears and create from the heart.
Like we say at Hanuman Festival: “be the monkey! ”

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