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Dayna Seraye

Dayna Seraye a multi-passionate yoga educator. She leads transformational classes, trainings, retreats and ceremony nationally and internationally to support individuals and communities in connecting and awakening. Dayna infuses her teaching with earth-based practices, somatic psychotherapy principles and energy medicine to support a deeply connective and healing journey. Dayna is co-founder of Hanuman Adventures and Hanuman Academy, and Creative Director for Hanuman Festival. You can find her at this year’s Hanuman Festival offering classes and facilitating an uplifting and transformational experience for all.  

5 Yoga Revelations from the Heart of India

Yoga is an ever-expanding journey. No matter if you are new to yoga or have practiced for decades, there is always something to understand and embody at a deeper level. Open yourself up with travel and exploration!

5 Ways to Navigate Change, Chaos & Uncertainty through Yoga

Yoga is designed to guide you gracefully through turbulent times.

3 Ways to Activate Self-Healing in Your Yoga Practice

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3 Teachings of Hanumanasana for the Year of the Red Fire Monkey

In this year of the Red Fire Monkey, practice hanumasana and invite your inner monkey out to play. Dare to dream of the impossible, face your fears and create from the heart…